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For Sale by Owner in Toronto

Selling your home in Toronto / GTA

Imagine that your home is worth $ 300-350,000. You sell the place through a real estate agent (and their broker) and you pay (at 5%) $15,000-$17,500 plus HST in commission. How many years did it take you to pay that amount down on your mortgage? Sell my home private in Toronto / GTA. Sell your home. without charge with Toronto Home Listings or see the listings House for sale in Toronto

F.S.B.O. Private home sellers in Toronto

Selling your home privately is not as difficult as the real estate industry would have you believe. In the end, you make the decision to sell at the price you have in mind, without someone pressuring you so that they can take home their cheque. Here at Toronto Home Listing your listing is free of charge and no commission is paid.

Save That Real Estate Commission.

With today’s home values, commissions paid to real estate agents are no longer a laughing matter.

More than 93000homes were sold in Toronto in the year 2007, with an average price of $376,236. That’s over $ 1.75 BILLION in commissions paid. Update; December 2007, = $394,931, commission paid with Real Estate brokers; $19,746 for every home in that price range. We don t list MLS, for MLS listings you have to pay 5% commission and list with a broker, we offer you free real estate ads with no commission.

Property private for sale in Toronto/GTA

You will have your Home/Condo/Property listing online as soon you press the submit button on the listing form; before you list your home, visit our home seller’s handbook . this gives you additional information about selling your property privately.

Selling a house without an agent.

More than 12,000 home owners sold their houses privately last year in our city with tremendous savings for homeowners and buyers. View Listings of houses for sale in Toronto and GTA area.

Private home sales in Toronto are up year after year.

Soon we have a section New homes for sale in Toronto and GTA

Don t rent, Don t buy, Build your own Container House.


By Douglas Gantenbein

The first thing we do, let’s kill all the lawyers, a character in a Shakespeare play famously remarks.

Don’t get sucked into MLS listings.

Only real estate agents have access to full MLS listings.

Information available to general public is limited and certainly not sufficient to make the best buying decision.

As we all know some Real Estate Agents or Brokers offer MLS listings, which is a complete scam only to get the money out of your pocket. Continue

Tips before and after listing;

* Investigate what similar homes around you are selling for or get an appraisal.

* Make sure your Email address is correct and the mail doesn t get lost in a junk mail folder.

* Have a good supply of pictures of your home/property.

* Make a good description of the property.

* You will get ridiculous offers, ignore them, don t be desperate.

* Real estate agents will persuade you to list with them, politely decline, remember, they have a good reason to get you listed with them.

* For sale by private owner home seller s handbook. And don’t rely only on this site too sell your home, we are supplying you only with one of the many tools available to you.

*Private home sales in Toronto and GTA are up year after year.

*Planning to move? Now it s time to clean out your basement, garage and attic, sell this stuff on our garage/ysard sale. . you can add your listing free from charge.

*How to list FSBO

* List on other FREE web sites

*It’s up to you to make it clear in your listing that you have no intentions of engaging a real estate agent or paying no commission for selling your property!

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