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  • Cheapest business class flight

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  • Cheapest business class flight

    Get a QUICK PRICE QUOTE below. Or click this image for a RESERVATION REQUEST. Or CALL for a HUMAN VOICE!

  • Cheapest business class flight

    Get a QUICK PRICE QUOTE below. Or click this image for a RESERVATION REQUEST. Or Call for a HUMAN VOICE!

  • Cheapest business class flight

    New 787 Dreamliner Business Class

  • Cheapest business class flight

    Singapore Air First Class Bed

    I have been using Flightsavers for my Business First Class flights for over a decade I fly with VIP celeb s and will soon marry one. These guys are my guys! period


    At Flightsavers it is not important that we sell each and every ticket, it is more important that we provide excellent advice and service. Our pricing sells itself.

    When a customer requests a price, we first check all of the airline s published fares. If we discover an airline is offering a published fare below our best price we will tell you about that lower fare and where to purchase it.


    Flightsavers heavily discounts international 1st class flights and international business class flights as our prices are in Fixed Price ranges that are based on Region-To-Region (ie. USA-Asia). For this reason, we are able to issue tickets in a fixed price range regardless of how high a regular airline published fare might fluctuate due to distance or short notice.

    If you are looking to go on long haul international flights, in first class or business class we can offer you substantial savings over the published fares found at Orbitz and Kayak or direct from a given airline.


    We discount first class flights heavily. Because of our fixed price ranges, we provide discount first class tickets that can literally save you up to 70% consistently on almost all international airline tickets for Jumbo Aircraft (true 3-cabin first class). For example, British Airways charges $14,000+ for first class flights from the USA to London, whereas Flightsavers can reserve the same British Airway first class flight with no advance for $6000 $7000, or even Virgin Atlantic Upper Class for under $3000! CLICK OR CALL to find out more about our cheap first class flights.


    Flightsavers discount business class tickets offer substantial savings for all international flights. If you are looking for discount business class flights, specifically to far away lands like Asia, such as Tokyo (Japan), Hong Kong (China) or Sydney (Australia), Cape Town (Africa), Sau Paulo (Brazil), South America; We can offer you significant savings. CLICK OR CALL to find out more about our cheap business class tickets.

    Last Minute Tickets: No Advance notice and No Saturday stay is another Specialty resulting from Flightsavers fixed pricing. The same 70% Discounts are available to Last Minute flyers .Business people or Emergency flyers with No Advance Notice and/or No Saturday Stay will receive the same heavy discounts as the advance notice pleasure traveler The bottom line: At, we sell Cheap First Class tickets and we do Business Class cheap. can accomplish all of the above on all of your favorite airlines: Cathay Pacific; Emirates; Virgin Atlantic; British Airways; Japan Air; LAN; Korean Air; Delta, and of course the newest conglomerate coming to the block, American Airlines.

    To have us begin checking availability, you may simply Call or submit a Reservation Request Form.

    For an approximate Quick Quote feel free to Call us, we enjoy the verbal interaction. Or submit the Quick Quote form below We Will Never Sell Or Barter Your Information To Any Other Entity

    Cheapest business class flight