First Alert Atom Photoelectric Smoke & Fire Alarm P1000

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Atom Photoelectric Smoke And Fire Alarm

The First Alert P1000 Atom Smoke and Fire Alarm provides maximum protection and has a new thinner, micro design, which adds an element of style to safety. This photoelectric alarm is a fraction of the size of a standard alarm and provides all the necessary protection to help keep your family and your home safe. This unit has an advanced smoke entry system with a photoelectric sensor that will detect regular and slow, smoldering fires and reduce false alarms that result from cooking and shower steam. The Atom has a loud 85dB penetrating and powerful siren to ensure everyone is out of the building safely. During an alarm, you will hear a loud; repeating horn pattern and an LED light will flash rapidly.

The Atom has easy installation with their smart product clip system to attach to any wall or ceiling. This white smoke and fire alarm is powered by (1) 3-Volt CR2-Lithium Battery (included), has a 1.8-inch circumference and weighs only 0.18-pounds. The First Alert P1000 Atom Battery Powered Micro Design Smoke and Fire Alarm comes with a 10-year limited warranty that protects against defects in material and workmanship.

* California Residents – Please Note This Alarm is Not Compliant with California State 10 Year Sealed Battery Alarm Legislation Requirements.

Atom Photoelectric Smoke And Fire Alarm Features:

  • Advanced smoke entry system and micro technology – a fraction of the size of a standard smoke alarm.
  • Nuisance free photoelectric technology reduces false alarms that result from cooking and shower steam.
  • Loud and Powerful 85db siren – the same power as a standard alarm.
  • Long-life 3-Volt CR2-Lithium battery included.
  • Emits T3 Pattern.

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Awesome Product – 08/30/2015
Reviewer: Max Hoeschele
This alarm is great. It’s small and compact but is nice and loud. I have a white drop ceiling and it just disappears. Fits in well with my home. I would recommend to anyone.

Size does not matter – 06/05/2015
Reviewer: Susan Harke
The First Alert Atom is the smallest smoke and fire alarm. I am able to mount it on the wall or place it on a high shelf without screwing it to the wall. Since I do not want to climb ladders, the ability the put it on a high shelf is important in the product I purchase.

Excellent product! – 01/08/2015
Reviewer: Robert Kunz
Its about time the smoke alarm has evolved! For as long as I can remember smoke alarms have been cumbersome and unsightly. This design is actually cool to look at. Its construction is of high quality. It reminds of an Apple product.

Cute and sassy – 08/04/2014
Reviewer: terri abraham
The blast is loud, loud, loud, and it is cute and easy to assemble. Wish I was a little taller to get it in the right place. Two easy screws put up high. It did scare my dog quite a bit, but when asleep, Ill appreciate it.

smoke alarms – 06/08/2014
Reviewer: Nancy Dunn
love that they are small and have a better battery life–only concern was I did not recognize the charge on my credit card bill–had to call-I assumed it would have been under first alert. Arrived faster than stated

So Simple and Small – 05/10/2014
Reviewer: Marcia Brawner
I can not believe how small this unit really is but the alarm is not small. I hope we never need it but there is no doubt it will alert us if it does go off.

Top #1 Smoke & Fire Alarm – 04/20/2014
Reviewer: Domenico Frasca
I brought 3 of this amazing and great First Alert Atom Photoelectric smoke & fire Alarm. The are small, smart and very discret, and all that doesnt diminish there efficiency. I love the design tumb Up First Alarm.

Shipping SLOW – 02/06/2014
Reviewer: Douglas Bode
The photo electric detectors = awesome. The shipping time = deplorable. Ordered 01/23, arrived 02/03. Shipped from Illinois, went to Wisconsin, then Pennsylvania, and finally Ohio. Last time I checked, Wisconsin and Pennsylvania arent between Illinois and Ohio. Shipping charges werent any great deal to justify such poor delivery time. Two thumbs down.

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