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Seek out sensitive secrets with this easy-to-use software that smoothly scans your system. Find My Credit Card’s seriously stark interface barely needs explanation. The program seeks autofill information from Firefox, Internet Explorer, and Netscape browsers. A single click scans your browser’s saved information for compromising personal data.

Find My Credit Card is actually a misnomer as the program concentrates on personal data such as e-mail addresses, phone numbers, and unprotected passwords. While it may ferret out credit card numbers, it failed to do so in our tests. The application separates found information into business, personal, Internet, and search results. We didn’t see much rhyme or reason to the category assignment during our tests, and you can’t specify how things are classified. After displaying the found information you can wipe it with a single click or merely close the application to keep the data saved.

Find My Credit Card is novice-friendly and very fast. You may be surprised what this application uncovers, but you may not be happy that it doesn’t find the digits that give it its name. That said, it’s free and it can help you keep your private data just that private.

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