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  • Kelly Defends Cuts to Science and Tech Budget The president’s budget request cuts the DHS science and tech office by about 20 percent but boosts operational cyber. // June 7
  • Office of American Innovation, OMB Seek ‘Early Wins’ for IT Modernization The Jared Kushner-led innovation office meets regularly with Office of the Chief Information Officer on cyber and. // June 7
  • GSA Reorganizes to Support White House Innovation Office The agency s Technology Transformation Service will move under the Federal Acquisition Service. // June 7
  • What Went Wrong with DHS’ Agile Contract? The department wants to cancel its $1.54 billion agile software contracting vehicle. // June 7
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    • Office of American Innovation, OMB Seek ‘Early Wins’ for IT Modernization// June 7
    • GSA Reorganizes to Support White House Innovation Office// June 7
    • Filmmaker Michael Moore Launches Site to Collect White House Secrets// June 6
    • FCC CIO to Leave for First-of-its-Kind Role in Government// June 5
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    • What Went Wrong with DHS’ Agile Contract?// June 7
    • The Tech World is Rallying Around a Young Developer Who Made a Huge, Embarrassing Mistake// June 7
    • DHS Tests a Giant, Subway-Protecting Balloon// June 6
    • How Apple Sees the Near Future// June 6
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    • Kelly Defends Cuts to Science and Tech Budget// June 7
    • Hacking Back Could Lead to Cyber Vigilantism, Lawmaker Says// June 7
    • When Being Awesome Can Help Kids Become Cyber Savvy// June 6
    • DHS May Fast-Track Bug Bounties But Hit Brakes on Election Security// June 6
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    • This Tiny Device Could Keep Your Smart Home Safer// May 31
    • Launching His New Company, Even the Man Who Built Android Doesn’t Think He Can Beat Android// May 30
    • One Way to Hide Your Data from Digital Border Searches// May 26
    • Distracted Drivers May Actually Benefit From Using Tech While Driving// May 26
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    • Veterans Affairs to Adopt Same Commercial Health Records Platform as DOD// June 5
    • HHS Doles Out $100K To Help Consumers Share Their Own Health Data// May 31
    • White House Group Offers Sneak Peek of Health I.T. Goals// May 26
    • How Apple Watches Could Detect a Stroke// May 25
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    • Vladimir Putin and the Little Green Men of the Internet// June 6
    • How U.S. Law Enforcement Caught Reality Winner, the NSA Contractor Charged With Leaking Top-Secret Materials// June 6
    • Leakers in the Trump Administration May Have Trouble Invoking Obama’s Whistleblower Protections// May 31
    • Fortress Britain’s Coming Crackdown// May 31
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    • I Bought a Report on Everything Known About Me Online// June 7
    • Safari Browser to Offer Privacy Features// June 5
    • The World is Running Out of Domain Names—What Will We Do When They’re All Gone?// June 2
    • 32 Optometrists Without Indoor Plumbing And Other Facts You Can Find In Census Data// May 22
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