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Family Car Decals Applying Instructions:

Each vinyl decal/sticker consists of 3 layers

a) a paper backing

b) the vinyl stickers

c) a clear film overlay

Follow these easy steps for proper installation.

1) Stickers should be applied in a area free of wind and blowing debris. Applying window stickers to a hot vehicle that has been in the sun is not recommended.

2) Totally clean the area where the vinyl stickers will be applied and make sure there isn't any cleaning residue or dust remaining on the auto glass.

3) Starting from any corner, slowly remove and discard the paper backing while holding on to the clear overlay sheet. The vinyl stickers will remain attached to the clear overlay sheet. Avoid touching the exposed adhesive.

4) Carefully align the position of the clear overlay with the stickers in the desired location. Make sure your windshield wiper blade will not rub over the decals. Firmly rub a credit card across the overlay to secure the stickers and chase out any air bubbles.

5) After you have completely pressed down the stickers with a credit card onto the auto glass, slowly pull off the clear overlay sheet being sure not to pull up any edges of the sticker as you go.

6) Avoid cleaning with any harsh chemicals. Enjoy!

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