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Welcome to Houston Fantasy Cars! Your premier exotic rental car Houston provider of the world’s latest and greatest exotic super cars. When you book an exotic rental car with us, you are preparing yourself for the ride of your life, literally, as very few people will ever experience the true exhilaration of driving an exotic super car, but you decided to take that leap into one of the world’s most exclusive and exciting activities to ever exist. Check out our fleet and give us a call to book the exotic car of your dreams today!

As the leading provider of exotic car rentals in Houston, we specialize in providing our customers with the hottest cars in the city. We know the thrill of having the wind blowing through your hair as you are racing down the city’s streets or having that heart pumping thrill while you are behind the wheel of one of the most beautiful cars in the world!

Whether you choose a McLaren, Lamborghini, Rolls Royce, Ferrari or another exotic car from our fleet, we know you will have the time of your life. We have vehicles from $200/day all the way to $6,000/day and we strive to make your experience everything you hope it will be when you book your exotic car rental. If this is your first time having the experience of driving an exotic car, or if you just cannot make up your mind which car out of our stunning fleet is the right one for you, we can help you choose and make the process simple and quick.

From the moment you contact us, we literally put you in the driver’s seat of your entire exotic car rental experience. You choose the car you want to drive from our selection of top cars. You choose when it fits your schedule to come pick up your fantasy exotic car from us and if you are too busy to come pick up your wheels when you need them; for a small fee, we will be glad to deliver your car to you. We also accept all major credit cards including: Visa, MasterCard, Discover and American Express.

There are two kinds of people in the world when it comes to cars: those that view them as simply a means to an end and those that truly appreciate the finer details of what a car can do for an individual. While it is true that cars are a very practical way to provide a person with transportation from one particular spot to another, a true auto connoisseur realizes that cars can be and often are much more than that.

Just because a person has a deep and abiding love and appreciation for fine cars though does not mean that it is practical for them to own one. Not only is the purchase cost of an exotic car such as a McLaren, Ferrari, Lamborghini or Aston Martin often not in the budget for even the most devoted fine car worshipper, there are other costs that must be considered and added to the equation. These costs include the added insurance that you will, of course, want to have on a car of this ilk in order to ensure that you can have it restore to its former luster and beauty should something happen to it as well as a secure place to store in when you are not driving it.

While you of course will want to drive such an exotic car a great deal if you were to own one, there are many times when this is not practical. For those times, for example, when you are traveling for work. You do not want to leave your Lamborghini in the long term parking lot of your local airport. You are also not likely to want to drive your Aston Martin to work each and every day either. Parking on the city streets of Austin or within one of its parking garages where you are not able to watch over your beauty is simply asking for something to happen to it when your back is turn and you are stuck in your office for eight hours a day.

Fortunately, there is a fabulous way for you to enjoy all of the many benefits of driving and owning an exotic car without all the hassles and disadvantages of doing so. We at Houston Fantasy Cars provide this service for both residents of Houston and its surrounding areas as well as visitors to the city. We strive to provide you with the thrilling experience of driving your favorite unique sports car without having to worry about all the little details that such car ownership brings with it.

At Houston Fantasy Cars, we understand how people who really, really love cars feel. We know the excitement and thrills that are able to be experienced simply by looking at the car of your dreams. We also know how quickly those feelings get ratcheted up several notches when we are able to drive one of our favorite cars. The pulsating engines that are just waiting for our signal to roar off down the road, the sleek and sexy lines of our chosen car, our barely contained excitement at being able to be behind the wheel of our most favorite car in the entire world. These are all feelings that we are eager to share with the people who engage our services.

Houston Fantasy Cars specializes in giving those people with the desire to drive in an exotic car the opportunity to do so without having to be concerned with any of the strings that so often come attached to these types of vehicles. Our website is designed to be able to provide you with all the information you need to find the car of your dreams and plan your adventure. Whether you want to tool off down the roads of Houston in a sleek and low slung Lamborghini or you prefer the high tech look of the McLaren, Houston Fantasy Cars is THE place to make your exotic car dreams come true in Houston and the surrounding areas.

We search the world over for the most exotic and sought after cars so that we can bring them to you. For a nominal fee, we can deliver your car to you wherever you might be located – your home, business or hotel room – we do not care. If you ask us to meet you somewhere so that you can have the experience of a lifetime driving the exotic car that your dreams are made of, then we will be more than happy to help you create that experience.

While many of our clients tell us that they are contacting us because they want to experience the thrill of driving one of the exotic car fleet at least once in their lifetime – many people tell us that doing so is on their bucket list – we almost always here the same thing reiterated after they are able to undergo this experience.

Our clients are pleasantly surprised at how affordable and budget friendly our exotic car services are and they vow to return. These clients realize that they do not have to restrict their pleasure at driving their favorite exotic car to a once in a lifetime experience. Instead, our clients almost also say that they will be back in a week or a month or on their next vacation or whenever they save up the money to treat themselves to a day or a weekend of driving their favorite exotic car. This is the reason that so many of our clients are customers that have previously driven one of our astonishingly sexy exotic cars before.

Whether you want to wow that prestigious business client or that hot woman or you simply want to rent an exotic car for the sheer thrill of feeling the power and purr of the engine beneath your feet, we at Houston Fantasy Cars stand ready to help you realize this milestone in your life.

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