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Executive Master of Leadership

The Executive Master of Leadership (EML) program was developed as a 21st century degree that addresses emerging leadership challenges across private industry, the public sector, and nonprofit organizations. It is specifically designed for executives who have demonstrated leadership capabilities and who want to take their skills to the next level by making lasting contributions in their organization, field or community.

The Executive Master of Leadership program is uniquely tailored for working professionals who are ready to take their leadership abilities to the highest level.

The EML degree emphasizes action-based learning through role playing, self-assessment inventories, game simulations, case studies, in-class exercises and discussions with guest lecturers and with each other that concentrate on the application of leadership objectives that:

  • Examine leadership practices, identify effective influence techniques and motivational methods, and develop reliable communication strategies
  • Increase negotiation competencies and improve conflict management capabilities by moving away from zero-sum approaches
  • Create an understanding of strategic analysis and performance measurement
  • Develop principles and techniques for enhancing organizational learning
  • Assess and evaluate organizational structures and networks
  • Discover mechanisms to connect organizations to their environments
  • Obtain insight and perspective on ethical and legal responsibility, advocacy, and authentic community and stakeholder engagement
  • Examine methods and approaches that political, business, governmental, and organizational leaders use to transform their communities, cities and/or regions

For more information, click here or contact Rosana Padilla-Martinez, EML Program Administrator at 213-740-3415.

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