ETrade vs Fidelity or? #etrade #vs #fidelity


ETrade vs Fidelity or.

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My investments are all in American Funds at Edward Jones, DH has accounts at ETrade and a 401k at Fidelity. I’m looking to move toward a three-fund index portfolio (domestic stock, international stock, and bond). Does it make sense to move everything to ETrade, so that it will all be in one place, or are the account fees and commissions lower somewhere else? (FWIW, the taxable account is worth $520k and would have substantial capital gains if sold, and the total of the IRA, ROTH, and SEP is $475k).

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I thought I’d post in this forum since my issue isn’t directly related to finances, it’s with a broker: Etrade. I’m stuck with ET because my company ESPP is channeled through them. Everything else I have is with Fidelity, 401k, Roth etc. Fidelity transactions are very fast. If I send or withdra.

Wife has had an Solo 401(k) account with Etrade. We’ve been struggling with terrible customer service! To start off, you can’t designate contributions as employER or employEE automatically, so you have to call or message them and ask them to change it. I’ve now asked them 3 times to fix issues wi.

Dear-As a beginner, I found Etrade give free check book for me to ship money, as shown at How about in IB? I did not find any check order info.Really IB does NOT provide checkbook?Thanks in advance.-Jay

I recently opened a Fidelity account that offers both brokerage and banking services. My intention is to use it as ACH push purpose only because I already am trading with ETrade .I am concerned though because Fidelity Brokerage account seems to require minimum deposit of $2,500 and I am not q.

I been looking into opening individual 401k/solo 401k for past couple of months. After browsing the threads and talking to various brokerages I have decided to go with Etrade. I am summing up reasons for doing this so that it is helpful for other people. I mainly looked into Fidelity, Vanguard an.

Vanguard and Fidelity. Winner, Winner Chicken Dinner! I have made my picks! I am in cash position($40,000) at Fidelity and soon to be in cash position($40,000) at Vanguard. I have backed away from Etrade because they have very few ho.

Hi, I have had a Brokerage Account with Etrade for about 8 years which allows me to buy and sell shares on US exchanges. About 2 years ago they moved my account to Etrade UK but I still had access to the same exchanges. Now Etrade UK say they are closing down alltogether and that I must liqui.

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