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E-Travel is an electronic travel system that was developed to handle travel for the University’s Faculty, Staff and Students. The system allows you to create travel authorizations and reimbursements, send electronic notifcations and includes electronic approvals for all payments. You can access E-Travel by logging onto UBusiness and clicking on the E-Travel link.

Whose travel can be entered into E-Travel?

E-Travel handles three types of travelers: Employees, Students and Student Group Travel with a Faculty/Staff Member attending. Employee travel consists of any Faculty or Staff that is on UNCW payroll (current job assignment in Banner HR) and that has an active UNCW email account. Also, any students that are on UNCW payroll with a current job assignment should be entered in as an employee. Students consist of any UNCW student (not on payroll) that is currently enrolled at our University. Students can not enter their own travel into the system. They are only allowed to approve the travel as a traveler. Student Group Travel can only happen when there is a Faculty or Staff Member leading the travel. This means that the Faculty or Staff Member will be responsible for all the travel expenses for the students and the students will not be reimbursed for any expenses. If the student group meets all these requirements you will create a travel authroization under the Employee’s name in E-Travel.

E-Travel Training Guides

There are several different ways to obtain information and training for E-Travel. In E-Travel you will find a tab at the top called Tutorials. Under this tab there are multiple tutorials including voice audio to demonstrate how E-Travel works. The tutorials included are How to Create Authorizations,Reimbursements, Blankets, and Approvals. We also have a Step by Step Guide for E-Travel that can be printed to keep at your desk or you can pull up the guide and click on the index for a quick link to the topic you need help with. This also can be found under the Tutorial tab in the E-Travel System or you can go to our Training page on our website. We also offer E-Travel classroom training. This class consists of creating a travel authorization and reimbursement. Please see the training schedule for the next class offered. We currently have three classes that you can access on Skillport.

Where does the information in E-Travel come from?

The travelers information shown at the top of the travel authorization and reimbursement is pulled from the Banner HR table. So if any of this information needs updating please contact Human Resources. The budget authority showing for a fund is pulled from what is listed in Banner. If you have a budget authority that is incorrect please complete the Banner Fund Change Form and submit to General Accounting. This form can be found on General Accounting’s Website. The Supervisor’s information that is seen for each employee is from the Maintain Supervisor System. If there is a supervisor listed incorrectly or the postion has changed for an employee this will need to be updated. In order to get this information updated you will need to contact your Divisional Representative listed below.

  • Academic Affairs – Sherri Batson
  • Business Affairs – Betty Sue Smith
  • Chancellor – Ann Freeman
  • Student Affairs – Ann Glossl
  • University Advancement – Jennifer Rich

How does E-Travel work?

When you create a Travel Authorization you will notice that there are two letters in front of the number. This would be a TA for an emloyee travel or a TD for a student travel. Once the travel authorization has been approved the letters will change to TR for employees and TS for students. These are the letters that will always show up with the numbers for any payments that we issue in Banner. There are three people who have complete access to the travel. These people are the Preparer, Alt. Preparer and the Traveler. The top half of the authorization and reimbursement should include all expenses that the traveler will be reimbursed. The bottom half, which is the Prepaid section should only include expenses that the University will be prepaying in advance. Before we make any payments, the travel authorization must be completely approved. Once you have entered the prepaid and it is approved you will need to print the check request and send to our office with any supporting documentation. For additional details on how to process the prepaids please visit our Step -by-Step E-Travel Guide. As for agency airfare you will need to enter the airfare information under Prepaid Airfare and then select Agency. Once this has been approved by everyone the travel agency will receive approval from the travel office. You should never give approval to the agency to purchase a ticket. For additional details on agency airfare please see our Step-By-Step E-Travel Guide.

How to tell what the letters in E-Travel stand for.

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