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We have had exactly the same problem as Ed L – a $15 admin charge for a 75 cent toll that I know without a doubt that we paid. We were driving from Orlando Airport to the I-4 exit. I ve just taken a look at the route on Google Street View. The toll plaza with the 75 cent fee is blindingly obvious. There s a big Sun Pass sign over the centre lanes, and a very well-signposted cash lane exit to the right. It would be impossible to miss, and I clearly remember going into the cash lane (as we did each and every time we approached a toll).

Phoned Dollar to query the fee. They have said they will have to request a photo of the violation from the toll authority, and I need to ring back in four to six weeks. I now have to have this hanging over my head for at least another month. It is not the actual cost of the fine that I am annoyed about. It is the principle of it, and the fact that this seems to be a game that Dollar has been playing for a number of years now. (See… and I m not sure what else I will be able to do if they are actually able to somehow produce photographic evidence of me not paying a toll that I know I absolutely paid.

I regret hiring our rental car through Dollar. We were treated rudely by their representative at the airport (very aggressive attempt to rent us a toll pass, and an extensive argument about us being required to accept a $75 fee for a pre-paid tank of fuel), and now we get this extra bill through the post. Dollar Rent A Car was – and continues to be – the one negative in what was otherwise a fantastic trip to Florida. I would strongly advise others to go with another car hire company. I will certainly never use Dollar again.

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