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I travel a lot for work and am used to renting vehicles at several different companies.  I used this Dollar Rent A Car for a vacation in Las Vegas with friends and because I had a free rental day from previous work rentals.

This complex is about 2 miles from McCarran International Airport and you will need to ride a shuttle to get to this megaplex that houses all the car rental companies.  Because I am an EXPRESS member, I got to bypass the long line inside the complex and go directly to the garage.  The employee at the booth said that I could go directly to my vehicle, but I had to hand her my free rental day voucher to attach to my reservation.  She stated that she couldn t attach the voucher to my reservation because they didn t have a vehicle attached to my reservation.  Now this statement seems very odd because on the screen for EXPRESS members, your last name is displayed next to the car stall where they have already your vehicle that you reserved waiting.  Well, whatever, I handed her the voucher and we continued to our vehicle.

The Nissan Altima that was reserved for us was really nice.  The interior and exterior were super clean.  As with all rental vehicles, you have to do a walk around for damage.  As one can imagine, the bumpers are all scraped up, which I disclosed to the exit attendant.  The exit attendant told me to list all the damage, which she signed off on and sent us on our way.

When we returned the vehicle, I forgot to top off the gas tank.  Big OOPS. It cost me $9.99/gallon.  Lesson well learned and I won t ever do that again.

Now we get to why I gave them 3 stars.  When I turned in the vehicle, I realized on my final receipt that the free rental day was not taken off.  I inquired about the missing free day and the attendant who checked my vehicle in said I needed to go to the booth.  I waited in line for over 30 minutes just to talk to an attendant at the booth and there was only 1 person in front of me.  When I was finally helped by an employee, I explained that my free day was missing and told him that when I picked up my vehicle, I handed in my voucher.  He looked through my reservation and did not see the free rental.  Then, he attempts to locate the actual voucher that I turned in 3 days prior.  Luckily, the lady who I turned my voucher in with was working at the same time and she had to locate the voucher.  Finally, after 10 minutes, he was able to take off the free rental day from my receipt and gave me an updated receipt.

The entire free rental voucher system seems very archaic and disorganized.  I don t know what would have happened if the lady I handed my voucher to wasn t working the day I needed a final receipt.  I wrote to their customer service line and still no response over a week later.  This experience alone, despite all my other rentals with Dollar, makes me not want to use them again.

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