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Doctor of Education

We prepare experienced professionals to make a real difference in the places they live and work. Our online curriculum empowers doctoral students all over the world to pursue the issues they’re passionate about and bring meaningful change to their communities, without having to leave them.

Learning research skills for
the real world

Our students come from diverse disciplines and professions seeking more than just a degree. They’re gaining a practical education that translates to their everyday environment.

In three to four years of study, students learn to apply advanced research principles to real-life problems they face in their own organizations.

The program includes:

  • Two years of online coursework in one of three concentrations
  • A face-to-face learning experience at one of our campuses in Boston, MA, Charlotte, NC or Seattle, WA
  • Doctoral thesis that examines a compelling educational challenge

How it Works

We designed the EdD for mid-career professionals looking to bring more to their fields and occupations.

On Your Terms

A tight online community and practical approach help you get a degree and put it to work.

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