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Distance Learning

Centennial College Distance Learning programs and courses provide students the freedom to achieve their personal development and/or business education goals in a way that is accessible and convenient. Designed with flexibility in mind, online learning is a form of instructor-led study enabling students to work through course material and assignments in their own time and space, with 24-hour access to the online classroom. Online course delivery saves travel time, while still enjoying similar in-person benefits of a physical classroom such as: a qualified and industry-experienced instructor, communication tools, discussion boards and forums, a sense of email access with your classmates, digital assignment capability, and more.

Correspondence or print based courses (PB) are also available offering students the ability to work at their own pace within typically a 6 month time frame. Print-based courses are best suited to students who work independently with minimal supervision. In most cases both delivery methods (online PB) require that students attend the campus towards the end of their class to write a final exam.

Build on the education and experience that you have already achieved, either in Canada or another country, with Centennial College s Distance Learning programs. If shift work, family responsibilities or unpredictable schedules are keeping you from your educational goals, then Distance Learning may be the ideal solution either online or print-based (correspondence). Distance Learning is a form of instructor-led study for those who cannot attend on-campus classes on a regular basis.

Distance Learning offers you:

  • convenience and flexibility – study when you want!
  • time efficiency – travel, child care, weather are no longer barriers to learning
  • skills enhancement – hone your communication skills and clarify your thinking skills
  • the opportunity to contribute and be heard
  • collaborative learning – work with other learners from across town, the province, the world!