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Dedham Auto Mall

almost 2 years ago jeremyg1531522744

I purchased the auto I had been looking for from Dedham Auto Mall. It was priced right , and they did everything they said they would do. Sales manager (Neil) followed through to see that everything was taken cared for. All in all, I…

over 2 years ago davidg83026640

Initial experience wasn t bad the day we purchased the vehicle. Mr. Cooper was anxious to sell a vehicle and gave the usual Used Car Salesman routine. Picked up the vehicle two days later

asked if there was a second key and a manual ( which we assumed would be in the vehicle). Mr Cooper told us that he would look into it and take care of us, he would call us back on wednesday(he was off on the tuesday). We arrived home and radiator was leaking in several spots. We called service next morning and also email Mr Cooper. Car was back in till saturday and radiator was replaced. Several other things were not in vehicle (floor mats

which we purchased on our own), hatch handle was broken and moulding inside was missing a piece, door panels on rear doors were not clipped in. We didn t see these on our test drive and purchase. Car was spending more time in the shop than in our driveway. After a week of not hearing from Mr Cooper we called dealership, repeatedly told he was busy and leave a message. Ended up asking to speak to someone above him and was given the owner Tommy who assured us that he would get us a manual and look into the key for us. On picking up our vehicle again in the service dept ran into Mr Cooper who told us he had been relayed by the owner that we were upset and he would call us the next day. He never called and we had to call him again, he said he would call us back in two minutes

more than a week went by. My husband called him again and he said he would call us back, my husband said that is what he said over a week ago. He then told us that the manual and key were not part of the deal, we didn t negotiate that when we signed the agreement, that he never said he would get us anything and they sell over a hundred cars a month. That we could pay $200 for another key and he wasn t getting us a manual. Car is still under 30 day warranty and a rear shock went on the vehicle which rendered it undrivable. Vehicle went back to service department and we were told that it would be repaired. When we picked up our vehicle service department told us they needed to charge us $100 and that Dedham Auto Mall was not authorizing the repair unless we paid $100. I cannot stress how frustrated and disgusted we are at this point. For the record they never negotiated down the price of the vehicle, we paid was they advertised. We thought this was a reputable dealership having dealt with Infiniti and BMW of Warwick previously and had good results. This wasn t a bargain basement vehicle that they were selling and the service after we signed the purchase and sales disappeared completely. The service department has been the only redeeming factor at this point. Brandon Wright has been very courteous and helpful. The fact that within thirty days we have been back and forth multiple times, have seen the owner driving thru the service department but never stops. The times that we went into the dealership Mr Cooper was more interested in his facebook page and viewing his sons wedding venue virtual tour online, The night we picked up our vehicle he shook our hands and said that he can see good people when he meets them like himself and would take good care of us. That ended with that handshake, his phony xxxxxxxx routine and not ever returning a single phone call, email or otherwise. The poorest customer service I have ever encountered in my life. I work in insurance and have been in customer service for over 13 years

I treat people as I would like to be treated. I also run into many people daily purchasing cars and Dedham Auto Mall would be a place I would strongly steer them away from. The fact that we were hit with a $100 dollar fee and were told the dealership would not authorize the repair without it is ridiculous. We were told that the repair would be over $600 with parts and labor and then after we pay the $100 or we can t get our vehicle we see the invoice for a little over $300 and not the larger amount we were told. We were told the owner was a fair person but truthfully when he is aware of our issues and couldn t care less about his customers shows that he apparently doesn t care whether we are a repeat customer or not. Mr Cooper might have been around since dinosaurs walked the earth but he should take some lessons in how to treat decent people with respect. It doesn t matter how many cars he sells

we would never buy one from him again. If we had known that we should have checked the vehicle for keys, floor mats, manuals prior to signing on the line. we didn t imagine that this dealership was just trying to screw people over and once you have the car they say tough luck, that wasn t part of the deal. The owner also has the same philosophy apparently because he turned a deaf ear to the entire situation.

over 2 years ago Karen F

Dont ever do business with these people. Their vehicles are cheaper because they all have something major wrong with them. The sales agents will not tell you about it and will not stand behind the vehicles after the problem is realized. By…

about 3 years ago timv2032997214

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