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Things You Need To Know Before Renting A Dance Floor

Many special events may be enhanced by renting and utilizing a dance floor. Numerous companies are available nationwide that offer a wide array of floor options to meet the specific needs of various event types.

It is important to gather all pertinent information about the event you are planning prior to renting a dance floor. Formal events such as wedding receptions or formal dinners may require a wooden dance floor while more casual parties can utilize vinyl flooring. Another important aspect to consider is where the dance floor will be located; if the event will be held outdoors, it may be necessary to rent a waterproof dance floor to ensure that it is protected from natural elements. It is helpful to discuss the details of the event you are planning with a rental company in order to ensure you are getting the most appropriate floor for the event.

Before renting a dance floor it is important to estimate the number of people that will be attending the event; guest numbers will be easier to obtain for formal events that require seating charts and guest lists. For all events, it is helpful to overestimate the number of guests who will be attending to ensure the dance floor space is large enough to accommodate all the guests. A common rule used when attempting to determine the appropriate dance floor size for an event is to allot two guests per each 3 foot square panel of dance floor.

Dance Floor Styles

The most common dance floor types are vinyl, slate, and several types of wood; border trims are also commonly used and are available in numerous colors. Some companies also offer graphics options for placement on the dance floor and many other companies provide light up dance floor rentals. The most popular dance floor choices for indoor use are wood and vinyl; the most commonly used wood types are parquet and oak, vinyl floors are typically available in solid black, solid white, and a checkerboard pattern. The most suitable option for outdoor events is a durable polypropylene dance floor as it is water resistant.

Ordering a Dance Floor Rental

Many companies will deliver and assemble the dance floors as well as disassembling and picking up the floor after the event; it is important to notify the company beforehand if a dance floor will need to be set up on uneven ground, the assembly for this type of setting requires special materials. It is also important to clarify when receiving a quote that the price includes delivery, assembly, disassembly, and pick up of the dance floor. Some dance floors are easier to assemble and may allow customers to do it themselves. A deposit is usually required at the time the order is placed to cover any possible damage that may occur to the items being rented.

There are many different types of dance floor rentals available for special events. It may be helpful to get a consultation from a company before choosing the dance floor to ensure that you choose the most appropriate one for your event.

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