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Daily Car Insurance

If you know you that you will be using your car on a single day or a few days then daily car insurance is the best option for you. It is the shortest possible car insurance which you can purchase for your car.

Most people opt for this type of insurance policy if they are going on a holiday and will be using a rented car for that duration. One may also choose this option if their car has broken down or has gone away for repairs and maintenance and they have to use a friend’s or colleague’s car for that time. Or maybe you might choose to visit a neighbouring town by car and wish to use a vehicle which is rented and better suited for long road journeys. In such cases you will not only be getting a comprehensive insurance cover but also protecting your no claims bonus on your regular insurance policy. You can test drive a car which you’re contemplating on buying and drive the car home once you’ve bought it with a daily car insurance.

All you need to be eligible to apply is a UK or European driving license and to be 21 years and above. If you have not gotten into trouble with the law and have a good driving record and credit score you’re sure to get an affordable daily insurance plan.

It covers the same things that regular can insurance does. Vandalism, theft, fire, accidents, and medical coverage for you and the person you may hit are all included.

This is a very convenient option which is growing in popularity day by day. The best part about it is that you only pay for the days you are using the car and not for the whole year. It is also much easier to apply for this type of policy in case of an additional driver using your car rather than adding him/her to your existing annual policy. This safeguards your no claims bonus whilst providing complete protection.

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