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At Gaxiola Law Group, you are hiring criminal attorneys in Phoenix, Arizona, who have the tenacity, attitude, skills and experience to give you the best possible legal defense in the courts. We know the law and use it to protect and defend you! We are mindful of the courts and law enforcement agencies across the state of Arizona but not intimidated by them. We know and respect the people of influence in the Arizona legal system and they know and respect us. We know the policies which guide them and we know how to challenge them. We always fight for the best possible outcomes for you.

If you or a loved one has been charged with any criminal offense in the state of Arizona, you owe it to yourself to protect your future by contacting the experienced and talented Phoenix criminal defense lawyers at Gaxiola Law Group: 602- 717-0631 .

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Attorneys Who Fight for YOU!

You have legal rights. We protect them! You have legal problems. We solve them! You want positive results. We get them!

Have you been arrested and/or charged with any criminal offense? You may be intimidated, nervous and in desperate need of honest and genuine legal advice free from manipulation and/or questions regarding how much money you have! Your freedom and your future are both at stake. You may think that you are alone but you are not! At Gaxiola Law Group, Phoenix Criminal Defense Trial Attorneys. we can help you. We have helped countless people just like you.

It does not matter what criminal offenses you are facing. Remember, the foundation of our criminal justice system was built upon the presumption of innocence. Many people today seem to forget or ignore this important fact. Many believe that if you are arrested and/or charged for any criminal offense, then you are surely guilty of committing that crime.

At Gaxiola Law Group. we never forget or ignore the fact that you are innocent!

While it may feel like that you have to prove your innocence, the burden of proof, however, rests entirely on the state/government. Every case including yours offers unique opportunities for a successful legal defence. Our highly skilled Phoenix criminal defense trial attorneys are trained to investigate police mistakes and procedures. They challenge the evidence searching for violations of your constitutional rights. They research precedent setting cases for support for their arguments in the courts which powerfully work in your favor.

Across the state of Arizona from Phoenix to Flagstaff, Tucson to Tempe, Mesa to Maricopa, and Casa Grande to Holbrook, we routinely represent clients on the city, county, state and federal levels in all criminal cases inclusive of aggravated assaults, drug crimes, violent crimes, theft/fraud, shoplifting, white collar crimes, sex crimes, domestic violence offenses, DUI, probation violations, and all juvenile matters.

Regardless of where you reside in the state of Arizona, we provide the same professional and aggressive representation whether you are from south Phoenix to Northern Scottsdale and Paradise Valley. We travel across the state of Arizona, including Maricopa County, Coconino County, Yavapai County, Pima County, Apache County, Mohave County, Navajo County and more. We handle your case with the personal touch and attention to detail you desire and deserve. Call now and speak to criminal attorney Richard Gaxiola: 602-717-0631.

Protect Yourself with Representation by Experienced Phoenix Criminal Defense Attorneys, Lawyers

At Gaxiola Law Group, the Phoenix Criminal Defense Lawyers are totally committed to delivering the best possible criminal defense trial strategies and outcomes in our criminal justice system.

Our experienced criminal defense trial attorneys have fought for thousands of clients like you charged with various types of felony or misdemeanor offenses.

We have argued countless times before numerous judges across the state of Arizona and panels of countless jury trials. Equally important are all of our pre-trial resolutions we have achieved in the best interests of clients such as complete case dismissals and/or a significant reduction of charges therein.

Skill, Experience and Attitude Counts in Arizona Criminal Cases

The possibility of being convicted of a crime in the state of Arizona should be taken very seriously. The impact of a conviction on you and your family are enormous.

The police in Arizona have earned a reputation for being very tough and the laws on the books are even tougher.

In Arizona, convictions for many criminal offenses carry lengthy mandatory prison sentences. Whether it is a six month sentence or life in prison, criminal convictions and the experiences of being incarcerated will stay with you and affect you for the rest of your life. This means it will impact your friends and family, your way of life, your ability to secure gainful employment, obtain credit or bank loans and other aspects of your life. Your entire future is at stake.

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