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Suddenly we have ‘changed PLANETS’ and the ‘yesterday’ we were comfortable with and KNEW ABOUT, NO LONGER exists! America is in financial crisis and scary changes happen daily! Credit scores that WERE ‘deemed’ average are now poor. but it doesn’t matter because BANKS AREN’T LENDING. or they are being extremely ‘choosey’ in picking WHO they lend to! Approximately a half million people are losing their jobs EVERY MONTH and families face HORRIFIC challenges if they are ‘to survive.’ Never before has it been SO important to ‘manage your credit report .’ If you consider ‘being eligible’ for the few loans OUT THERE without astronomical fees and interest, IMPORTANT, then keeping a close watch on your credit report is a serious issue!

Watch WHO You Trust For Information. AND for Anything ELSE!

If you own a computer your ‘spam’ folder is likely FILLED with offers for ‘free credit reports ‘ or some variation of ‘scam’ to get your attention and ‘suck you into’ their little world of offering a ‘free credit report .’ At this point, there is SOOOOO much ‘questionable’ tactics being used by scammers it is IMPOSSIBLE to know who to trust, without ‘seriously’ trustworthy ‘word of mouth ‘ or hiring a private investigator! But for many years YOUR FREE credit report has been offered FREE annually sponsored by the three major credit bureau’s. Equifax, Experian and TransUnion. All you have to do to access and print out your complete report is go to annual Credit Report. The site is SO secure they even ask you to repeat the web address site search to MAKE SURE you’re at the ‘right place.’ But remember, you can ONLY get the free report ONCE A YEAR!

Get Your Score and Protection PLUS Also!

When accessing your free annual reports you are also given a ‘good deal’ on purchasing identity theft insurance and your three free credit or FICO scores to boot! Most people do not see the need for such protection but THINK AGAIN. Outlaws are thinking of ‘how to survive’ in this economic crisis, too! And although YOU might think your information is ‘small potatoes’ a desperate person may see it as a golden opportunity! Along with the scores and protection comes a variety of ‘other’ important services including help with removing anything on your report that should NOT be there! This alone can be worth its weight in GOLD. Many people have found it NEARLY IMPOSSIBLE to track down the information needed to get ‘bogus’ debts removed from their report!

When money and YOUR PRIVACY matters so very much, look for official or government sponsored websites that REALLY offer FREE service for most of your on-line needs.

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