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Credit Cards for College Students

Going away to college is definitely a big change in your lifestyle.  You may be moving out on your own for the first time.  Parents are learning to live life without their kids and students are learning to live on their own.  This includes learning to manage your money, to spend wisely, and to live on a budget.

But how can you do that if you have never had to take responsibility for your own financial well being? Well, you visit your bank of course.  More and more banks understand the importance of learning financial responsibility at a young age.  What does this mean for you? It means that banks are catering to students by offering low fee checking and savings accounts as well as no fee student credit cards.

4 banks that offer credit cards for college students

TD Bank offers the TD Student Checking account for students under 24 years old. Proof of enrollment and active status is required.  There is no monthly maintenance fee for either the TD Student Checking or the TD Simple Savings account and no minimum daily balance requirement.

Students can use the TD Bank mobile app or online banking to pay bills, transfer funds and check their account balance.  If you need checks to pay rent or tuition, your first full order of checks is available at a discounted price.

Wells Fargo offers students a checking and savings account combo to help manage money and save for life after graduation.  Wells Fargo also offers students the Campus ATM or Campus Debit Card (for participating schools).  Minimum deposits are required and monthly fees may be waived if some conditions are met.

Students will have access to over 12,000 Wells Fargo ATMS and over 6,200 branches nationwide.  Students can also sign up for account alerts on their mobile phone or by email.

Wells Fargo offers students interest rate discounts on certain student loans (both undergraduate and graduate) and car loans. As an added bonus, students make no payments on their loans while they are still in school.

Bank of America offers three different credit cards to help students build their credit history while studying.  Students can choose from travel and cash back rewards as well as low interest rate credit cards and cards with no annual fees.

Students learn the importance of financial responsibility while using their credit cards wisely and paying off the balances.  Bank of America offers access to their Ultimate Money Skills program, which gives students tips on a myriad of financial topics such as how to build credit and how to start a budget.  It’s easy to apply for a Bank of America student credit card all you need to do is apply online.

Chase offers an entire student center to help teens and college students learn about managing their finances.  Chase makes it easy for students to keep up-to-date on their account balances with their mobile app and even deposit checks with mobile banking.

Helpful credit tip from Chase – Maximize your federal student loans, scholarships, grants and other financial aid before applying for a personal loan through a bank.

Where did you open your student credit card?

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