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Jul 27 2017

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Credit Bureau Certification

Credit bureaus such as Experian provide credit information on US consumers and businesses. To ensure financial and demographic information is fully protected, many credit bureaus require that their customers take the appropriate steps to secure sensitive information. As one of the few vendors authorized to conduct Experian Credit Bureau Certification audits under the PCI guidelines, Dell SecureWorks can save your company money and time by certifying for all relevant credit bureaus at the same time.

Dell SecureWorks strives to ensure that you find something of value beyond the required certification itself from the audit. Because of the way we work with your organization prior to the audit to provide tools, knowledge and policy templates, the percentage of companies who pass the audit the first time is extremely high.

A Credit Bureau Certification engagement begins with a few conference calls, documentation review, and pre-analysis to help you get ready for the audit and is followed by an onsite review by one of our security analysts. During these calls and onsite visits, you have full access to our security expert to ask any questions – it’s your chance for “free” consulting as part of the certification process.

After the onsite, you will receive a report identifying unpatched systems and vulnerabilities that are exposed to hackers over the internet. We will also implement a quarterly review process, checking your network for any additional new vulnerabilities that may have been introduced so that appropriate patches can be applied. At the end of our review, you receive a certificate, and we will clear you to be connected with the credit bureaus. During the one year period of your certification, we will report your status monthly to the appropriate credit bureaus (required for certification).

Contact us to find out more about or Credit Bureau Certification service.

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