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US$ 42.92* N/A US$ 45.00** US$ 48.72* US$ 60.32* US$ 45.00** N/A N/A US$ 50.00** US$ 60.32* US$ 71.92* US$ 55.00** US$ 66.12* US$ 89.32* N/A N/A US$ 129.92* N/A *NOTE – Daily Rates INCLUDE Mandatory Liability Insurance & 16% IVA!

Optional Collision Coverage Insurance ALSO available to customers.

What to Expect Renting a Car in Cozumel

Car rentals in Cozumel or Mexico in general can be a completely different experience than in the United States. It may cost you a lot more to rent a car in Cozumel if you don’t plan ahead and be very careful to review the details of what you are getting when signing the rental contract. It is not uncommon to pay anywhere from US$30 to $60 per day for a small economy car. You can roll the dice and try to bargain upon arrival at your hotel or pier destination in Cozumel, but most companies know the options out there are limited and adjust their prices accordingly.

especially during the high season months of November – April each year.

Be sure to turn a rental car in on timeā€¦even running just a few minutes late can sometimes cost a full day extra rental fee and this is typically a non-negotiable aspect with the rental company. Also, make sure the fuel is at the required level when returned or be prepared to pay a premium fee for the gas shortage. Taking a few extra minutes to fill the tank and return to the rental office a bit early can save customers major dollars!

Cozumel Rental Cars – The Inside Scoop

There are many dozen car rental agencies now operating on the island. With the increase in cruise ship traffic over the last several years it is much more difficult to just walk up to an agency and find an available car so advance reservations are a good idea. Please note however, that as with the airlines, it is very common for the rental agencies to OVERBOOK reservations especially during high season. You may very well arrive to pick up your car with a confirmed reservation in hand only to discover that there are no cars available. Keep in mind that the car rental agency can only control so much with clients returning cars at dates/times specified.

Once a client takes a car and then decides on their own not to return it on time, there is very little the car rental agency can do. In large metropolitan areas where there are multiple offices of the same car rental agency, most every reservation can be accomodated by the offices working together to adjust/move fleets to where the cars are most needed. But because Cozumel is an island, fleet adjustments are not really feasible or cost effective so there will be times when there just are no cars!

Most agencies here on the island work together to try to help each other out in fleet shortage situations but in the end analysis: Cozumel is in fact an island with limited resources. As a visitor to the island it can be helpful to remember this and plan ahead by reserving a rental car here online!