Complete Forex Trading Video Course, understanding forex trading.#Understanding #forex #trading

Complete Forex Trading Video Course

Understanding forex trading

Module 1: Forex Market: The Basics of Forex Trading

Module 2: The Logistics of Forex Trading

Module 3: The Logistics of Forex Trading Part 2

Module 4: What Moves the Forex Market

Lesson 1: How Trade Flows Move the Forex Market

Module 5: Trading the US Dollar

Lesson 7: Economic Numbers that Move the US Dollar

Lesson 3: How to Trade Euro Fundamentals

Module 8: The Pound, Swiss Franc, and Commodity Currencies

Module 9: How To Choose a Forex Broker

Module 10: Forex Technical Analysis Basics

Module 11: Forex Chart Patterns

Module 12: Technical Indicators Explained

Module 13: Candlestick Chart Formations

Module 14: Money Management

Module 15: The Psychology of Trading

Module 17: Introduction to Fundamental Analysis

Module 18: Economic Releases that Move the Markets

Module 19: Pulling It All Together

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Understanding forex trading

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Understanding forex trading

Understanding forex trading

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