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Compare Auto Insurance Rates in California $50/Month

Compare auto insurance rates california

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Compare Auto Insurance Rates in California You Could Pay Less and Get More

Earning the Lowest Car Insurance Rates in California

Insurance rates are always most favorable for drivers with good driving and safety records. The first step to affordable car insurance is being a safe driver and being in full compliance with all laws dealing with operating a vehicle. Find more tips on how to find best auto insurance in California below.

Driving Legally in California

Five things are required to be a legal driver in California. These are:

  • Have a valid driver s license on your person while driving
  • Have proof of minimum car insurance coverage in the vehicle at all times
  • Have a current safety inspection sticker
  • Have the current registration for the vehicle
  • Operate the vehicle in compliance with all posted and required driving laws and regulations.

You can find details on these and related driving issues at the following websites:

California Department of Motor Vehicles:

California Department of Insurance:

The official California state website:

Speed Limits in California

Speed limits can always be adjusted locally for construction or other reasons. In general, speed limits in California are as shown in the following chart:

  • Rural Interstate 70 mph (55 mph trucks)
  • Urban Interstate 65 mph (55 mph trucks)
  • Other Limited-Access 70 mph (55 mph trucks)
  • Other Roads 65 mph (55 mph trucks)

Required Coverage В How to Find Best Auto Insurance in California

At an annual average auto insurance cost of $1,362 per year, as of 2011, California automobile insurance is not the most expensive. That title surprisingly goes to Maryland at $1,979 per year. These are averages, however, and what you pay is going to depend on a number of factors. These include insurance you purchase above the minimums.

The below chart illustrates both the required legal minimum coverage and what is common for most California drivers:

The following are not required, but could come in handy if you can spare the expense:

The majority of drivers carry coverage in addition to the minimums even though it means paying more for their auto insurance. The reason for this is that insurance is, after all, about protecting you from a large financial loss. Several of the types of coverage that are not required are commonly purchased because of the protection they provide.

An example of a California car insurance coverage that is not required but commonly purchased is uninsured/underinsured (UI/UIM) motorist coverage. This is insurance to protect your loss if you are involved in an accident with a driver whom either has no insurance or too little insurance.

Other Ways to Save on California Auto Insurance Coverage Options For Less

Insurance costs can be affected by many things beyond your safety record. Your age and education, the type and age of the car you drive, and when and how much you drive are all factors. There are other items that can raise or lower our personal insurance quote.

Finding the most affordable auto insurance does not have to be difficult. Many comparison websites allow you to evaluate many options that can save money. Start your quick and easy search by entering your zip code below.

If you live in one of California s major cities, you can save even more money by visiting the following links:

Finding cheapest California vehicle insurance quotes online saves time and money.

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Compare auto insurance rates california