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Aug 12 2017

Colorado Payday Loan – Cash Advance Quotes, Fast Cash Rates & Payday Loans in Colorado #federal #loan #consolidation

#fast payday loan

Colorado Payday Loans

Payday loans are currently legal in the state of Colorado. Payday loans in Colorado have different regulations than those in other states. Colorado has a maximum payday loan amount of $500 per borrower. Colorado lenders are allowed to charge 20% interest on the first $300 that is borrowed. If a borrower chooses to take out an amount between $301 and $500, the lender is then allowed to charge an additional 7.5%. Payday loans in Colorado are regulated by the Colorado Office of the Attorney General, which is located in Denver, CO. Borrowers are able to take out a cash advance for as many as 40 days. This is longer than most other states that cap payday loans at 1 month or 31 days.

Find a payday lender near you in Colorado cities like Aurora. Colorado Springs. or Denver .

Loan Cancellation

Borrowers can rescind a loan as long as they let the loan company know by the close of business the day after the loan is originally taken out.

Insufficient Funds Fees

Colorado payday loan lenders are only able to charge one insufficient funds fee, of which the maximum amount can be $25.

How Can A Lender Recover Funds?

Lenders in Colorado are able to bring charges in civil court only. Lenders are only able to try to recover the original amount of the loan as well as reasonable lawyer’s fees.

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