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One-stop China Interpreter, Quality Inspection,Chinese Virtual Assistant/ Office service since 2004

Hire an IVA (interpreter + personal assistant + local expert)
to make your China trip easy & profitable!

trusted by 10,528 CEO/owners thousands of real reviews book instantly save time & money

  • Mr. Victor ( United States ) booked Shenzhen interpreter service for 1 day(s)
  • Ms. Bridget ( Australia ) booked Shanghai interpreter service for 2 day(s)
  • Mr. Hamid ( United States ) booked Shanghai interpreter service for 2 day(s)
  • Mr. Jade ( Australia ) booked ningbo interpreter service for 1 day(s)
  • Mr. Jade ( Australia ) booked hangzhou interpreter service for 2 day(s)
  • Mr. Jade ( Australia ) booked jinan interpreter service for 1 day(s)
  • Mr. Victor ( United States ) booked Shenzhen interpreter service for 1 day(s)
  • Mr. Matt ( United States ) booked Yiwu interpreter service for 2 day(s)
  • Ms. Nadine ( Operations Manager, Australia ) booked Ningbo interpreter service for 1 day(s)
  • Mr. Ali ( Pakistan ) booked Shanghai interpreter service for 2 day(s)

No. 1 choice for Quality Inspection anywhere in China

10+ years inspection experience anywhere in China Best price Refund Guarantee

Pre-Shipment Inspection / During Production Inspection / Container Loading Check / China Factory Audit

199 US$
per man-day for all-inclusive

Book an Inspection

  • Tray(USA) booked China inspection service(Pre-Shipment Inspection) in Dongguan
  • Peter(Australia) booked China quality inspection(During Production Inspection ) in Shenzhen
  • Theo(USA) booked China inspection service(During Production Inspection ) in Shanghai
  • Steve(Canada) booked China Quality control (China Factory Audit) in Ningbo
  • Scotty(UK) booked inspection service(During Production Inspection ) in Guangzhou
  • Russell(Spain ) booked inspection service(During Production Inspection ) in Zhongshan
  • MUNENDRA (Saudi Arabia)booked inspection service(During Production Inspection ) in Yiwu
  • jeremy(USA) booked inspection service(During Production Inspection ) in Guangzhou

Chinese interpreter in your pocket makes your
business/life no barrier in china,from $0.99 /min

Expert, intuitive and reliable personal interpreters
Pay as you go(charge by minute): no wasted minutes.
Satisfaction Guaranteed. or your Money Back.

Your reliable China-based virtual assistant / remote
executive assistant who knows China inside-out.

We are not individual virtual assistant, but a team of virtual assistants. Nobody is perfect but a team can be!

Pay as you go No joining fee No set-up fee Cancel at any time

Expand your Business Opportunities in China
with an affordable Freeiva Virtual Office

Having a chinese address and telephone number
Having administrative help, marketing assistance
Having full-time customer support for local business
Having social media promotion for your business
Having bilingual secretary to report you everything

China Virtual Office
from $169 per month

Recommended IVAs ( Interpreter + Personal Assistant + Local Expert )

What Our Customers Say.

Live Client Projects/Tasks

  • + Mr. Greg (USA,CEO) booked canton fair intepreter in Guangzhou China for 10 days
  • + Mr. Douglas (UK,CEO) booked chinese-english intepreter in Shanghai China for 3 days
  • + Mr. Peter (USA,Owner) booked 2 man-days quality inspection in China
  • + Mr. Micheal (USA,CEO) signed up Chinese Virtual Assitant
  • + Mr. Alex (Australia,VP) booked Sourcing Chinese products service
  • + Kevin(Australia,Owner) booked factory tour with our english interpreter in Shenzhen for 5 days
  • + Micheal W.(USA,CEO) booked China factory tour service in Guangzhou for 3 days
  • + Donner (USA,GM) hired exhibition interpreter in Shanghai for 5 days
  • + M.K.(Owner, UK) hired a chinese interpreter, business assistant for factory visits in ningbo-8 days
  • + Samon (Japan,COO) had a good trip with a business interpreter,private tour guide & shopping guide in Xi’an for 3 days
  • + Peter(GM,UK) booked a hangzhou interpreter,translator, and Yiwu interpreter (9 days)
  • + Randall(CEO US) booked 3 man-days inspection service in China
  • + Mr Jim (US,CFO) with his family have a good trip in shenzhen(private tour guide & translator service)
  • + Mr Mike(Canada,CIO) booked canton fair interpreter ,sourcing assistant for 12 days
  • + Mr Kosasiki(France, CEO) found right factory with guangzhou interpreter’s helps
  • + Mr.Andrew (AUS,CEO) beijing business assistant,meeting interpreter, interpretation(2 days)
  • + John (Canada,CEO) hired beijing interpreter,translator in Beijing and Tianjin for 5 days
  • + Mr.Tam( US, Director) is very satisfied with our business interpreter/traslator in China for 9 days
  • + Oil Group(UK, Senior Manager), A&+ for private tour guide in Shanghai& Beijing for 7 days
  • + Teledo Group: service is perfect for china sourcing factory, personal tour guide, private secretary, interpreter in guangzhou
  • + Mr Jad (Hongkong,CEO) had good time in shanghai,beijing, thanks for my travel guide,private tour guide in Beijing and Shanghai
  • + EVP CIO hired Spanish-Chinese interpreter, private tour guide,business interpreter shanghai tour for 8 days
  • + Jack (US,Owner):many thanks for your service, interpreter is professional
  • + Peter (HR Manager) hired shanghai interpretation,translator service,chinese-english interpreter
  • + Mr Mike(US,CEO) hired guangzhou travel guide,guangzhou english-chinese-english interpreter 3 days
  • + Mr. Cho(US,Director) had a successful trip with shanghai spainish interpreter, spainish business assistant for 5 days
  • + Ms. Karithy(US,VP) booked shanghai personal assistant,private secretary, business assistant
  • + Mr. Angus( UK,CEO) booked beijing german interpreter,german interpretation,personal tour guide
  • + Mr. Jad (US): perfect translator and shopping guide service in Beijing
  • + Micheal(Switzerland,GM ) will use your interpreter and assistant service next time.
  • + Mr Kevin(US), guangzhou canton fair ,exhibition interpreter,canton fair guangzhou,trade fair
  • + Mrs. Donner(GM) hired professinoal interpreter in Guangzhou and Shenzhen for 5 days
  • + Mrs Elizabeth (USA) with her daughter need personal tour guide,personal interpreter in shanghai
  • China interpreter and translator in popular cities

    Shanghai Interpreter – TranslatorBeijing Interpreter – TranslatorGuangzhou Interpreter – TranslatorShenzhen Interperter – TranslatorHongkong Interperter – TranslatorTianjin Interpreter – TranslatorNingbo Interpreter – TranslatorYiwu Interpreter – TranslatorQingdao Interpreter – TranslatorMore Interpreter – Translator.

    Featured China Fairs – Trade Shows – Exhibitions

    • . NGV CHINA China International NGV and Gas Station Equipment Exhibition (Beijing )
    • . CHINA EPOWER China International Electric Power Electric Engineering Technology Exhibition ( Shanghai )
    • . CHINA POWER China Energy Generation Industry Exhibition(Shanghai )
    • . BIOTECH PHARM CHINA International Exhibition on Biotechnology Pharmaceutical Industries( Shanghai )
    • . SIAL CHINA China International Food Products and Beverage Exhibition(Shanghai )
    • . BIOTECH SHENZHEN International Exhibition on BioPharma, Biotechnology Equipment(Shenzhen )
    • . M+M CHINA International Foundry, Metal forming, Industrial Furnaces and Metallurgy Industry Expo(Beijing )
    • . BIOTECH CHINA International Trade Fair Congress For Biotechnology(Shanghai )
    • . WTF – WORLD TRAVEL FAIR World Travel Fair(Shanghai )
    • . BAKERY CHINA International Exhibition for Bakery and Confectionery Trade(Shanghai )
    • . INTERTRAFFIC CHINA International Event in the Field of Traffic and Transport(Beijing )
    • . CISILE China International Scientific Instrument and Laboratory Equipment Exhibition (Bejing )
    • . CHINA (SHENZHEN) ICIF China (Shenzhen) International Cultural Industries Fair (Shenzhen)
    • . COLD CHAIN LOGISTICS International Exhibition on Cold Chain Logistics ( Guangzhou )
    • . ASIA PACIFIC CHINA POLICE China International Exhibition on Police Technology Equipment (Beijing)
    • . IBCTF International Building Construction Trade Fair (Shanghai )
    • More China Fairs -Trade Shows – Exhibitions

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