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How to Find Cheapest Car Insurance in Florida

Florida has one of the highest car insurance rates in the nation. s Insurance Index reports an average of $1,680 per year for Florida residents, 19% higher than the national average. Fortunately, all of the major auto insurance companies have offices here. Thus, the competition among them to win your business is intense. In just a couple of click, we can match you with multiple providers in your local area who offer the cheapest car insurance rates in Florida.

As you can imagine not all insurance companies provides the exact same rate to everyone. The problem most of us face is how to choose which company provides the best rates for your needs. Insurance companies use various rating factors to determine auto insurance rates, including occupation, education, claims history and gender. Finding an auto insurance company in Florida that will be forgiving in the areas you are weak, will result in substantially lower premiums for you. If you would like to save time and money, you must compare quotes from several leading auto insurance companies. Let’s insurance tool finder help you find a policy that best meets your needs.

Florida Car Insurance Requirements

Florida’s minimum car insurance requirements are very lenient. You must have a PIP or Personal Injury Protection that covers at least $10,000. If you have any violations or accidents on your record than you will be required to acquire bodily injury coverage of 10/20 or $10,000 per individual/$20,000 for all injuries in the same accident to have proper coverage. No property damage coverage is required, and the laws on suing someone for your expenses in relation to a car accident are very strict, so just suing someone for damages may not be a viable option.

Even in extreme cases the laws for elderly drivers is very permissive. In a horrendous case of a 93 year old driver mowing down a pedestrian, hitting him so hard he severed one of his legs and mercifully killed him, the driver was not found guilty of any wrong doing. He had actually driven several miles down the road where he came to a tollbooth. It was the attendant that noticed he had a body embedded in his windshield and a leg protruding from his hood. He told the police investigators that the body had dropped from the sky. He had no idea he had run down another human being. He was not held accountable for this accident, nor did he lose his license.

So, if you are driving in Florida be very careful because there are a lot of older drivers in this state. Florida car insurance requirements are such that you will have to pay a lot if you are of a certain age, and you are not assured of reimbursement for property damage by the other driver if they hit you. Make sure you shop around and get the insurance that will take care of all of your needs no matter who hits you, that is your best bet for driving concerns.

Some people think that the state of Florida and insurance companies fix the rates, thus they never shop around and compare quotes from different companies. helps you find an insurance company that provides the best discounts and prices in Florida, so you can get a better-than-average rate on your auto insurance.

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