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Aug 21 2017

Cheap Rental Cars in Delaware #text #book #rentals

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Luxury Rental Cars at Delaware International Airport

Delaware Rental Cars

Our negotiated rates with Alamo Rental Cars must be seen to believe! We have partnered with Alamo Rental Cars in Delaware in order to provide our customers with some of the best rates available on-line! Don’t book your next rental car without checking these hot rates!

N amed after a British nobleman and Virginia’s colonial governor, Delaware is the second smallest state after Rhode Island ranking 45 in population nationwide. Divided among three countries, Delaware is predominant both in agriculture and 2nd in civilian scientists and engineers. Delaware is home to one of the largest chemical companies A.K.A Du Pont de Nemours and Company. Delaware is a state rich in history being the first of the 13 original states that ratified the United States Constitution. From times of independence the state’s motto became the “liberty and independence” the coat of arms. Home to the Eastern Algonquian tribes and the Nanticoke near the Chesapeake Bay, Delaware was later settled by European colonists. The Dutch were one of the first European immigrants to settle into Delaware. Unfortunately, the first settlers were killed in a dispute with the area Indian tribes in the early sixteen hundreds. Although Delaware showed little enthusiasm to break from the crown, the denouncing of the Stamp Act in the eighteenth century started a revolutionary movement towards independence in 1776.

We are proud to present Enterprise Delaware as the Momma’s newest rental car partner. Enterprise Rental Car operates an extensive network of local, neighborhood offices. With locations on and off airport and nearly 7000 offices worldwide, there’s always an Enterprise near you. Enterprise buys millions of dollars worth of vehicles every year through local car dealerships and we’re proud to partner with Enterprise car rental to offer you the best rates we possibly can with this new partner

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