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New Car Discount Deals

Some Of The Cheapest New Vehicle Prices Online

Established in 2003 we are one of the largest online new car dealers sometimes known as ‘new car supermarkets’ and we are focused on bringing huge discounts to the internet car buyer looking for a great deal on their next new car.

We offer significant savings on list prices of a large range of make/models of new vehicles, in many cases you can expect to save to several £1000s when you buy your new car from us and with professional advice we can guide you to the best new car genuine deal to suit your needs and budget. As an independent car dealer we have no agenda to sell you a specific make/model, our sole aim is to deliver you the best new car for your needs at the cheapest possible price.

Myths About Online Discount New Car Dealers

There are some myths we’d like to dispel, firstly take at look at our testimonials page and you’ll see just a few examples of the vast number of happy customers who’ve bought a new vehicle from us over the last 10+ years.

Here are a few questions we get asked frequently:

Are the new cars you sell imports?. Absolutely NOT, all our vehicles are UK cars, we do NOT sell imported vehicles!

Will I get a proper warranty. Yes you get the same manufacturers warranty that you would get if you bought the vehicle from your main dealer showroom.

Do you offer new car finance. Yes we offer professional in-house advice and a number of finance options including; hire purchase, lease purchase, PCP and contract hire deals.

As a well-established and respected cheap new car supplier we have dedicated delivery, admin, sales and customer service departments based at our head offices near Manchester Airport. We strive to offer our customers the highest levels of customer service and expert advice as well as the biggest savings on new cars and the best rates on HP, LP and PCP car finance. Our staff are highly trained to assist you with both finding the best vehicle and finance arrangement you may need or to answer any queries you may have when choosing your new car.

UK Car Discount Ltd, South Court, Sharston Road, Sharston, M22 4SN

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