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  • Poodle Hat is the Grammy Award-winning eleventh album by Weird Al Yankovic. It was released on May 20, 2003. The album debuted at #17 on the Billboard 200. The album was released on an Enhanced CD.

    Upon Arrival..

    On Friday, I was heading to Newport News to pick up some fresh car wax and a few other things, when I came across a YARD SALE sign at a stoplight. Normally, I would just breeze right on by, as all thats usually ever at these things are old baby clothes, strollers, coatracks, and winter sweaters. But, one word in the ad made me change my mind quickly. Antiques.

    I figured, hey, there might be an old record player up there. I wasn t in a rush, so I followed the signs and wound up at a large house, where I suppose 4-5 ladies had tables and tables of stuff. Most if it was typical yard sale stuff, with some old chairs, old lamps, etc. Then I saw what I thought was a old black suitcase. Turned it around, and I saw the crank sticking out of the front. Bingo.

    So, I opened it up, and everything appeared to be there, except the motorboard was not original (the yellow piece you see in the photo.) The lady wanted $60 for it, but I talked her down to $30. It s not that $60 was too much (the No.4 reproducers bring over $100 on eBay) but I wasn t going to pay $60.

    got it home, cranked it up (and was very surprised the mainspring wasn t broken) and put a record on it. After some adjusting and greasing, it plays quite well. The reproducer needs new gaskets, but, that s no big deal.

    This is a VV 1-5, which was one step up from the cheapest portable Victor offered in the 1926 catalog. This photo was before I cleaned it up. It s not in bad shape, but the case does need to be re-worked. One side has detached/torn from the wood on the case.


    I bought this metallic brocade fringed jacket from a seller on eBay ages ago mainly because my magpie personality was drawn to it’s shinyness but also the fact that it was too ridiculously cheap to pass up on…I beliveve I paid only 99p for it P P on top ofcourse but still a bargain!

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