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Public Sector Focused and Competency-Based

IPMA-HR offers two professional credentials that are public sector focused. Both the IPMA-HR SeniorCertified Professional (IPMA-SCP) and the IPMA-HR Certified Professional (IPMA-CP) symbolize excellence in the field of human resources as an HR expert, a business partner, a leader, and a change agent. Since it debuted in 2000, more than 3,000 HR professionals around the world have enhanced their careers with an IPMA-HR certification.

IPMA-HR Senior Certified Professional

  • Those experts with the IPMA-SCP credential are public sector professionals in the field of human resources who have reached the manager, director, senior management, or executive level in the profession.

IPMA-HR Certified Professional

  • Individuals with the IPMA-CP credential are qualified human resource professionals in the public sector in an entry- or mid-level career position.

Your Paths to Certification

What are some of the benefits of certification?

The IPMA-SCP and IPMA-CP credentials add value to your career, showing your commitment to the profession within the public sector. It is also an indicator of your competence in public sector human resources issues and expertise.

Do you have any questions?

Many of your questions can be answered in Frequently Asked Questions. our Certification Brochure. Paths to Certification Brochure. or within our certification webpages regarding the IPMA-HR Certification Programs.

Internationally recognized, both credentials are easy to maintain, ensuring your skills are current and relevant in today’s changing marketplace. Obtaining an IPMA-SCP or IPMA-CP is convenient and inexpensive.

The IPMA-HR SENIOR CERTIFIED PROFESSIONAL (IPMA-SCP) is a public sector focused and competency-based credential for qualified HR professionals who have reached the manager, director, senior management, or executive level .

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