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Certificate Programs

Certificate programs are offered in the same 8-week format as our other online degree programs. Students have the same access to Liberty s extensive resources online, such as knowledgeable academic advisors. our online library. the Online Writing Center. and Online Student Life .

Whether you are looking for an online undergraduate certificate or online graduate degree programs, Liberty University is the leader in distance education. With over 40 certificate programs available, you are sure to find the one you need. For information on how these certificate programs can enhance your marketability with current and future employers, review this Gainful Employment Data .

In the final semester of your certificate, please submit your Certificate Completion Application found on the Registrar s website to start your conferral process.

Undergraduate Certificate Programs

Our undergraduate certificate programs can be completed within 6 classes. The light course load of these online college programs will allow you to quickly complete your certificate and the added educational value can give you the competitive edge you need to advance your career or grow in personal enrichment.

Graduate Certificate Programs

Our graduate certificate programs can be completed within 3-6 classes. These programs provide a great way to gain specialized knowledge that will set you apart from the competition. Earning a graduate certificate from Liberty University can enhance your existing bachelor s or master s degree and improve your marketability for current and future employers in this fluctuating job market.

Willmington School of the Bible

The Willmington School of the Bible (WSB) program involves 20 courses (60 credit hours). If you desire to pursue an undergraduate degree, all 60 credits may be transferred to the Rawlings School of Divinity. Not all of these credits satisfy degree requirements but 45 or more do so.

Note: WSB students will need to submit either a high school or conferred AA college transcript for acceptance.

Willmington School of the Bible Course Guides

Rosetta Stone

Have you always wanted to learn another language? Through Liberty University s online program, you can! Liberty s courses are powered by Rosetta Stone. the world s leading language software provider. Caring, experienced faculty will guide you through the class as you study both language and culture. You will also converse with native speakers who are trained to enhance your conversational skills.

These courses provide more than just personal growth and cultural appreciation; they also equip you for a variety of careers, including missions work, international business, and medical assistance. Learn more now !

Languages include:

  • Conversational English
  • Conversational German
  • Conversational Mandarin
  • Conversational Spanish

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