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Selling Car Vs Donate Car

Cash for Cars

There comes a time in the life of your car when you must decide how best to dispose of your car. Should you donate your car, trade it in, sell it to a private party or dealer, sell it to a junk buyer or sell it to an on line car buyer who provides a quick cash for cars service. The year, make, model, mileage and condition plays a large role in deciding the best course of action. Your available time to devote to selling your car, your financial condition, need to move the car quickly and desire to help a charity all will factor into your decision.

Sell Car Yourself to a Private Party

  • Highest possible return
  • Vehicle must be in good running condition, people want a car they can use today
  • High mileage and banged up cars will be a hard sell to a private party
  • Time consuming – answering responses to ad, showing car and waiting for potential buyers to show up
  • Costly if you advertise in newspaper or on line
  • Have to deal with inconvenience and potential danger of strangers coming to your house
  • Lengthy process, could take weeks to sell car
  • You can drive to car dealer for quote but sale price will be much lower

Sell to Junk Buyer or On Line Cash for Cars Buyer

  • Fast, convenient and worry free
  • No cost method
  • Can sell car as is, no repairing necessary
  • Low liability, buyer should have liability insurance so that your liability ends when car is removed
  • Cash in pocket within a couple of days

Donate Car To Charity

  • Tax Deductible
  • Help a charity of your choosing
  • Fast, convenient and worry free
  • Donate as is, no repairs necessary
  • Must itemize tax deductions to take advantage of tax deductibility
  • Low Liability
  • Can be done remotely, no need to be there at time of pickup

Trade in Car

  • Fast, no strangers coming to home
  • Trade amount quoted will be manipulated by car dealer, always make your best deal before presenting the trade in
  • Low Liability
  • Must be ready to buy another car
  • Do You Know Where Your Junk Car Goes? (PDF). A fact sheet about where junk cars go after they are bought, traded in, or repoed from a financial institution.
  • Corporate Raiders and Junk-Car Dealers: Economics and Politics of the Merger Controversy (PDF). An abstract essay providing statistical data regarding the corporate takeover of the used car sales industry.
  • Scrapping Old Cars. A guide to scrapping your old car and how it can be beneficial to you as well as the environment includes great charts and figures.
  • How To Junk A Vehicle. A step by step guide for how to junk an old car and in the process make some money.
  • Edmunds. Another free resource similar to Kelley Blue Book that allows you to appraise the value of your vehicle, also features tips and advice.

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