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Cash as soon as the next buisness day! understands the stress that comes with a financial emergency. Is the spouse’s birthday fast approaching and you’re strapped for cash? Did you just get hit with a hefty vet bill? Do you need to make some fast repairs to your car?

It doesn’t matter why you need the money. will help you get connected with interested lenders in our third party lender network. If approved for a loan, you could have the money in your bank account as soon as the next business day.

Before you take a payday loan

Credit rating is very important in the instances of loan. If there comes a time when you need to apply for a loan, your credit rating will be the first thing the loan lenders will check. They must know your capability of repaying the loan before lending it. This is in order to attain assurance regarding your position and that you will not default.

Prior to any lending, you must be clear about the terms and conditions regarding the payday loan. Your lender should explain in full the features pertaining to the loan, the payback terms and conditions and the penalties applicable to non-payment. You must know in detail what charges you will incur in case you are unable to pay your loan on time and that a payday loan is not at all suitable for long term borrowing. Your lender must also bring to light the working of continuous payment authorities and instances regarding their cancellation.

When you are all ready to sign the agreement, make sure you have gone through all the terms and conditions contained in the contract. You must understand everything before you sign the contract. In case there is a misunderstanding pertaining to any clause, you must not proceed.

However, try to gather cash from other sources before applying for a payday loan. Try getting it from relatives or friends or your bank. If your efforts fail therein, only then should you go for a payday loan.

Paying back a payday loan

The common period for the repayment of a payday loan is 15-30 days. However interest will be incurred for every extra day.

Upon signing the agreement, you allow your lender to directly take the money from your savings account. This is the most usual method of repaying the loan, that is via debit card.

If your account has less money than the amount of loan, your bank will be asked by the lender to pay all or part of the sum. Lender will also add a penalty fee for late payment.

You must consider reserving at least $700 in order not to seek payday day loans.

Stopping the payment

If you want the repayment not to be made now, you can request your bank to withhold the payment one day prior to the due date.

If you feel disrespectful behavior by any of the payday loan lender, a grievance can be filed at state bureau.

Extending a payday loan

If there are times when you are unable to repay the loan, the lender can extend the loan terms by rolling it over. This means you will have more time to repay the loan. You will have to make a new agreement for the rollover but it may be subject to extra charges and interest. So before you rollover the loan, consider these aspects.