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Cars Under 500 Dollars

When shopping for used cars under 500 dollars there are a few things that when you know them you should find are really helpful in determining the used car values. This is an important factor because you are dealing with a fairly expensive investment even if we are talking about used cars under 500 dollars. Sure this is not really a lot of money but it is worth some consideration before you actually spend it on something.

Once you have been looking around for a good used car for a while you will likely begin to realize that the prices of used cars are some what consistent among the various used car dealers out there.

This is because it is fairly easy to appraise the overall used car values based on several key points.

First of all the overall condition of the used car will be a major factor in determining the value of the vehicle. Obviously the better the condition the car is in then the more it will be valued on the used car market. This will be a contributor to the overall consistency which you may find on various used car lots.

Condition can mean obvious things such as the paint job for example. If the paint job is in nearly flawless condition then this point will appeal to all of the people who look at the car from a mere cosmetic point of view. Cosmetics will absolutely play a part in the used car dealer getting closer to top dollar for the vehicle and this is well justified. People do enjoy looking at an attractive, well taken care of automobile and a shinny appealing color will certainly have the power to turn heads as well.

The condition of the tires will be a surprisingly low determining factor in used car values and this is because most people realize that new tires for a used car are not going to be a really big investment. People like the piece of mind which they get when they know they have absolutely brand new tires on their vehicle as well so they actually like the idea of spending a little money to by the new tires new themselves.

Back to the cosmetics side is the interior of the car and what the condition of it is in. If the car has been heavily smoked in then there may be an odor which simply will not go away and if this is the case there is usually many burns in the seats and floorboard carpeting as well.

This will definitely lower the used car dealer’s ability to get near top value for the vehicle. This point alone can be cause for the dealer to make a really good deal to someone who actually may have the right chemicals to clean up the smelly upholstery. Now some dealers will do this interior clean up as well on every single vehicle including cars under 500 dollars. This is a good thing because even though it may reflect in the price a little bit, a freshly detailed car makes for a very appealing prospect for the used car buyer.

The mechanics of the used car should ultimately be the more important aspect you use to consider when you are buying a used car. The motor should be in good running condition and the transmission should be in good functioning condition as well. I come across used cars under 500 dollars which are quite mechanically sound nearly every day of the week so they are definitely out there.