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Victorian Public Sector Commission

This website is managed and authorised by VPSC, State Government of Victoria.

Our website tells you all you need to know about the rewarding government jobs and careers available within the Victorian Government in Australia.

Imagine a place where you can take your career in a whole range of different directions. We employ people in challenging and interesting jobs at all levels in Melbourne and across Victoria.

Government jobs suit a range of jobseekers

If you are looking for a career, there is plenty of variety in government jobs – from advisers to zoologists. You will also find opportunities for engineers, forensic officers, health workers, planners, scientists and valuers – the list goes on. find a job or career for yourself.

Be part of a culture of excellence

Because we select on merit, you’ll find that our workforce is diverse, talented and highly skilled. Anyone who is eligible to work in Australia is welcome to apply for government jobs.

Government jobs make a difference to people’s lives

Together we can help make Victoria an even stronger, more caring and innovative State for everyone in the community. You can make a difference by working for the Victorian Government.

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