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Careers in Sport

If you cannot make it to the professional ranks, which most of us can only dream about, we can stay in the field of sports that we love by choosing a career in a sports-related field. There is a large range of careers in sports-occupational areas, and prospects are increasing as more people play and watch sports. Also females are moving into many of the male-dominated areas. See Career Tips for some guidance to find the job for you. Below are just a few sports careers to choose from.

Careers in Detail

  • Exercise Physiologist you can work in wellness, training, testing and research etc.
  • Sports Training Personal Trainer, Strength and Conditioning Coach, fitness instructors.
  • Sports Medicine medical practitioners, physiotherapists, physical therapists, sports trainer.
  • Sports Dietitian a career mixing food and athletes.
  • Sports Coach if you can’t do it yourself, tell others how to do it.
  • Education teaching our youngsters about sport, health and fitness.
  • Sports Official there would be no sport without umpires and referees.
  • Sport Psychologist get into the minds of athletes.
  • Biomechanist jobs in biomechanics.
  • Sport Journalist write about what you like to watch.
  • Administration work with any sport as an assistant or facilities manager
  • Sports Photography getting right next to the action to take photos sounds like a great job.
  • Sports Marketing including the job as a Sports Agent.
  • Selling Fitness Products How to start a business in the fitness industry.
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Careers in sports Careers in sports

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