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Sep 29 2021

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Paragliding, Paragliders for Sale
Looking for a Paraglider and Paragliding Equipment for Sale? We’ve got it along with Paragliding Information, Products, Manuals, Parts, Ram air, Airfoil, Parafoil abd even Paragliding Pilot Training Books, .

Paragliding – Find Paragliders for Sale
We have Paraglider and Paragliding Equipment for Sale along with Paragliding Information, Products, Manuals, Parts, Ram air, Airfoil, Parafoil, Paragliding Pilot Training Books, Videos and DVD’s .

Paragliding has become such a popular sport that nowadays most enthusisasts don’t wait for their next vacation to enjoy paragliding. Paragliders for sale online have made it easy for these adrenaline junkies to get their fix anytime the mood strikes!

If it’s true that success has many fathers, then it’s certainly true of the successful sport of paragliding.

Paragliding has become both a recreational and a competitive flying sport. A paraglider is a free-flying, foot-launched aircraft, whose pilot sits in a harness suspended below a fabric wing. The wing shape is formed by its suspension lines and the pressure of air entering vents in front.

The story of paragliding began in 1952, when Domina Jalbert advanced steerable parachutes by adding multi-cells in the wing fabric and controls to steer lateral glide of the device. Two years later, Walter Neumark predicted in an article in Flight magazine that there would come a time when a glider pilot would be “able to launch himself by running over the edge of a cliff or down a slope . “

French engineer Pierre Lemoigne created improved parachute designs in 1961, leading to the production of the Para-Commander (“PC”). The PC had cut-outs at the rear and sides that enabled it to be towed into the air and steered, leading to the development of parasailing.

What happened next is sometimes called the greatest development in parachutes since the designs of that artistic and engineering genius Leonardo da Vinci. Domina Jalbert invented the Parafoil, filing for US Patent 3131894 on January 10, 1963. The Parafoil had sectioned cells in an aerofoil shape, inflated by passage through the air with an open leading edge and a closed trailing edge,. This came to be called the ram-air design.

Meanwhile, David Barish was developing the Sail Wing for recovery of NASA space capsules, testing his invention by soaring off mountain slopes. After tests on Hunter Mountain, New York, in September 1965, Barish began promoting what he called “slope soaring” as a summer activity for ski resorts, but his idea never caught on. The term “paraglider” was coined by NASAin the early 1960s. The verb “paragliding” was first used in the early 1970s to describe foot-launching of gliding parachutes.

After this, developments started taking place rapidly:
• Walter Neumark wrote “Operating Procedures for Ascending Parachutes.”
• Neumark and a group of other enthusiasts who “tow-launched” “PCs” and ram-air parachutes broke away from the British Parachute Association to form the British Association of Parascending Clubs (BAPC) in 1973.
• Betrand Dubuis of Switzerland and Patrick Gilligan of Canada wrote the first flight manual “The Paragliding Manual” in 1985, thus officially coining the word “paragliding.”

Three friends Jean-Claude Bétemps, André Bohn and Gérard Bosson from Mieussy Haute-Savoie, France, pulled together these threads in June 1978. Inspired by an article on “slope soaring” in the Parachute Manual magazine by parachutist and publisher Dan Poynter, Bétemps, Bohn and Bosson calculated they could inflate a ‘square’ ram-air parachute by running down a suitable slope. Bétemps launched from Pointe du Pertuiset, Mieussy, and flew 100 meters. Bohn followed him and glided down to the football pitch in the valley 1,000 meters below.

Since that time, the story of paragliding has been one of constantly improving equipment and ever increasing numbers of paragliding pilots. It has become commonplace in parts of the world, where the air is fresh and the slopes are plentiful, to find signs and advertisements reading “paragliders for sale.”

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Thanks to paragliding become increasingly popular, finding your very own paraglider for sale is now easier than ever! Imagine being able to take flight whenever the mood strikes!

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