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Be mindful of internet car scams.

Most of us have been in the situation where we are filled with excitement at the thought of a flashy new car at a great price but don’t be fooled! Below are a few common internet car scams that you should keep in mind when searching for your new vehicle or even selling your old one.

Car is not for sale

Fraudsters steal photos of a car that at some point has genuinely been for sale and is now with its new owner. They use the photos to advertise the car at a very attractive price, usually lower than market value. The car isn’t for sale and they scam you using the tactics below.

A seller that has no phone in 2015, really?

So you ring the number advertised alongside the car and it goes straight to answer machine. Something doesn’t seem right? When buying a car, the seller should be more than willing to have a telephone conversation with you so if your only contact is via emails, it is most likely not genuine. A seller should be easy to reach via telephone, text and email. An honest casino online seller will be eager to answer your calls and arrange a visit for you to see the car.

The car is in another country…