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Latest update: Summary – political tensions have increased and it’s possible further protests may take place; you should avoid all public gatherings and monitor local media closely

Around 133,000 British nationals visited Cambodia in 2014. Most visits are trouble-free but there have been reports of assaults and armed robberies against foreigners. See Crime

National elections took place on 28 July 2013 in a mostly peaceful environment. The main opposition party disputed the results and this led to a number of protests, most of which took place in Phnom Penh. While most demonstrations were peaceful, some clashes occurred. The most severe took place on 3 January 2014 when 5 protesters died.

On 22 July 2014, a political agreement was reached by leaders of the ruling party and the opposition but as of November 2015, political tensions have once more increased. See Political Situation

An arrest warrant was issued for Sam Rainsy, leader of the opposition on 14 November. He is currently travelling but media reports indicate that he may be arrested on his return to Cambodia. The situation is unpredictable. It’s possible that further protests may take place. You should avoid all public gatherings and monitor local media closely. See Political Situation

There is a low threat from terrorism. See Terrorism

Take out comprehensive travel and medical insurance before you travel.

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