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Exquisite and Aesthetic Design

Pursuing the superiority of future, the F5 Suri is released as a high-grade sedan,which systematically integrates comfort, dynamic trend and intelligence. The flowing lines design displays the sporty style of the city. The F5 Suri’s front view is designed as flying wing streamline, showing flying outline and reflecting the sporty and fashion features, full of sense of the future.

LED rear combination lamps

High-quality and streamlined LED rear combination lamps are imbued with aesthetic, and promote excellent visibility with added elegance, driving in rainy, snowy and foggy weather.


HFM control panel The HFM (Headlights, Fuel cap, Mirror) panel is conveniently placed to the left of the steering wheel, providing the headlights height angel, fuel cap release and door mirror controls.

LCD multi-function combination instrument panel With streamlined HD panel, a clear information area is showed for drivers with comfortable feeling.

Multi-functional steerin The F5 Suri multifunctional steering wheel integrates a variety of function keys compactly designed. It has four-way manual adjustment and meets the needs of interior space for the owners.

Multi-information display The multi-functional display indicates the parking sensor, date, indoor and outdoor temperature, helping the drive know about the operation of the car at a glance. The display applies LCD screen with strong visual contrast, decreasing the eyes pressure for the driver.

Storage Space

Glove box, card box, glasses cases and cup holders are all available in the F5 Suri. The 18 various storage spaces can hold items of different sizes. The box on bottom of the front door is very large for putting bottles easily. In the rearseats,there is a special storage box which can be lifted conveniently. Overall, storage space inside the car is quite humanized. The occupants can find the right place to put articles and take them out easily.

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