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Jul 24 2017

Buy Cash Flow Investment Rental Properties in Chicago Illinois #campervan #rental #australia

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Are you tired of watching your investment returns fail to keep up with expectations? (PFR) provides turnkey multi-unit properties to passive investors seeking above average cash flow. We pride ourselves in identifying homes in opportune neighborhoods and renovating them to maximize marketability while minimizing ongoing maintenance expenses. Our approach allows us to attract more responsible tenants, resulting in reduced turnover. Our professional property management and tenant management services result in a seamless process from purchase through the holding period.

Our long lasting relationships with banking institutions across the United States, trustee buyers, national REO organizations and short sale experts, are instrumental in providing PFR a consistent flow of properties that fit the time tested specific criteria of our business model when being considered for purchase. During the acquisition phase, PFR utilizes its own proprietary due diligence software, enabling the analysis of many assets quickly and efficiently, thus getting a leg up on the competition. This software was contracted to financial service institutions allowing them to evaluate property values for over 98,000 properties during the last four years.

At PFR, our mission is to rehabilitate and revitalize Chicago neighborhoods, while at the same time providing stable turnkey investments for our investors and property owners. Our value proposition is that by being highly selective and disciplined in our approach, we provide greater cash-flow than that of comparable priced real estate investments in other markets. Currently PFR owns or manages over $41,761,500.00 in cash flow properties and has sold over $29,990,775.00 in the last 36 months.

Since 2009 the PFR founders have focused their attention in the Chicago real estate market purchasing 2-4 unit investment properties which are now available for immediate purchase 100% turnkey. Chicago was selected by the founders to create wealth for its clients by offering high yield positive cash flow that is found in abundance in select markets such as Chicago, Illinois. See the difference by reading the Why Chicago is #1 for Cash Flow article or call one of our qualified sales consultants at (800) 341-0576 to learn more.

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