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Sep 8 2017

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Business Internet Services

  • Fastest DSL (up to 60 Mbps)
  • SDSL Line
  • T1 Business Line
  • Optimized for VoIP
  • NY Metro Ethernet 5Mb to 45Mb
  • Fiber Internet Connections
  • 10Mbps to 100Mbs
  • NYC Nationwide
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  • Business VoIP Services

  • Cost Efficient
  • Time Saving Features
  • Unified Voicemail to Email
  • Cell Phone Integration
  • Excellent Customer Experience
  • Flexible Scalable
  • SIP Trunks
  • Integrated Voice PRI
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  • Amazing Support

  • In — house Technicians
  • 24 x 7 x 365 Availability
  • Top — notch SLA
  • Proven Reliability
  • Managed Bandwidth
  • Impeccable Reputation
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  • Voicemail Greetings

    • IVR / Welcome Greetings Welcome Greetings / IVR menus present a menu to callers and invite them to press a key to be connected to a department within your company. It then forwards them to the destination you set for the key.
    • Mailboxes Voice Mailboxes can be owned by a person; if this person has an email address set, an email with an attached .wav is sent for each message saved. Each IP Phone normally has a mailbox. To add a new mai.
    • Music On Hold Customized music on hold or messages can be set for Queues, Hunt groups and Numbers.
    • Times and Date Groups Allows you to set specific times and dates when inbound calls should be routed differently. Examples of time groups might be: Saturday and Sunday, Weekday evenings and / or every public holiday next y.
    • Voicemail Access Check your voicemail messages online or directly from your phone. How to check online: Once you have logged into go to Messages and then Voicemail you will then click on your voicemail.
    • Direct Voicemail Transfer Transfer a caller to a specific voicemail directly. How to: Send callers directly to a specific voicemail by dialing *8 and the voicemail box number. ex: *8205 ( *8 direct voicemail transfer code.

    Call Handling

    • Call Forwarding Allows you to set call forwarding manually. How To: Forward calls by dialing *72 and then the forwarding destination number. ex: *72 212 783 4335.
    • Attendant Call Transfer ATTENDANT CALL TRANSFER. Allows you to put a caller on hold and then call the person to which you would like to transfer the caller to. You would then announce that there is a caller waiting to spea.
    • Blind Call Transfer Allows you to transfer callers directly to an extension or outside number. How To: Pick up and call press the soft key that says Transfer, then you will see another soft key “BLIND”. Press Blind and.
    • Classes of Service Allows you to block expensive international destinations. For example, calls to international numbers can be barred and exceptions for allowing calls to a single number can be made. How to create a c.
    • Direct Voicemail Transfer Transfer a caller to a specific voicemail directly. How to: Send callers directly to a specific voicemail by dialing *8 and the voicemail box number. ex: *8205 ( *8 direct voicemail transfer code.
    • Join 2 Callers Allows two separate calls on the same phone to be joined into a conference call. How to: When you have a caller on hold and you are speaking on another line you can press the Join Soft key and you wi.

    Phone Services

    • Conference Calling Conference multiple parties into one conversation How to: When on a call with someone press the conference button. This places the caller on hold. Dial the extension or number of the person you want to conference in. When they answer you will see a Soft key that will appear on the LCD screen which says conference.
    • Feature Codes Feature Codes are short numbers used as extensions to call a particular IP Phone, outside number ( cell phone), from within the system. For example, you can set “456” to forward to a hunt group of all IP Phones in your company. Feature codes are also used to access features such as voicemail.
    • Intercom & Paging Intercom a single or phone or all the phones in your office and instantly speak without anyone having to pick up the phone. How To: Dial a 9 in front of the extension that you would like to intercom – when their phone rings their speakerphone will automatically turn on. ( needs to be enabled )
    • IP Phone Settings Allows you to edit the settings for each individual IP Phone. Telephone lines allow you to register a IP Phone on the system and make and receive calls. To edit an IP Phone settings: Log in to the Mypbxadmin web interface. Go to Features » IP Phones Settings. Click the “New” button. Enter the following: o You can enter a description of this IP Phone.
    • Numbers Numbers, also known as DIDs are normal telephone numbers that external callers can use to call into the system from the PSTN (Public Switched Telephone Network). How to edit settings: Log in to the web interface. Go to Features Numbers. Enter the following: o Optionally a description.
    • People Create Users and Administrators with related permissions. A User or Administrator is anyone that is allowed to log into the web interface, check voicemail and edit settings. How to add a new person: Log in to the web interface. Go to Features » People. Click the “New” button. Choose a username. Email addresses are a good choice for usernames as they are unique.
    • Remote Access Allows you to call into the systems and then make calls out. Used for making international calls from your cell phone and it can show your cell phone caller Id or company caller Id. Remote access allows you to call into the system then make calls out. This takes one of two forms: · A number that you call, and a menu then asks you for a number to call.


    • Active calls Shows all calls that are in progress in your account.
    • Call History Shows calls which have finished. It has the same options for customers as active calls. Calls can be searched by date, time, starting number, ending number, number contains – for both outbound and inbound calls that were placed. How To: Log in to the web interface. Go to Reports» Call History Enter start date & End date Status of call – Answered, No Answer, Both Outbound, Inbound, Internal Search by calling number, Called number.
    • View Rate Plan Search call costs for a specific country of phone number. How To: Log in to the web interface. Go to Reports» View Rate Plan Look up costs by Outbound Call costs Loop up costs by destination number Rate plan can be exported to .csv

    Call Center Features

    • ACD Queues When there are too many inbound callers and not enough staff then callers can be sent to Queues where they will wait until someone frees up to take their call. During hold time they can listen to mus.
    • Call Recording Calls can be recorded in real time, then downloaded as .wav files to be listened to. How To: Log in to the web interface. Go to Features » Call recording. Click the “New” butto.
    • Call Screening Allows you to screen your calls to know who is calling you by requiring callers to say their name. The system will then call you and play their name. You can then decide if you want to take the call o.
    • Call Spy Monitor calls-in-progress without anyone knowing your listening. How to: Dial *5 followed by the 7 digit telephone line code that you want to monitor. You will be able to listen in on the conversatio.
    • Hunt Groups Allow more than one Destination ( IP Phone or outside number or cell phone ) to ring at once. Within a hunt group, destinations are arranged into levels. All destinations within a level are rung at on.
    • Page Groups Allow more than one IP Phone to be paged at once. All IP Phones that answer are put into a conference, and people can speak just like an intercom. To add a new page group Log in to the Mypbxadmin.
    • Pattern Menus Pattern Menus allow highly flexible routing based on the called number, inbound callerid, or digits entered by caller. This allows call flows built on account numbers, passwords, postal or zip codes.

    Tools + Resources

    • Cloud Phone System
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    • Virtual Fax Virtual Fax service from Voxline Networks: Send and receive faxes from your own fax machine and, in addition, receive inbound faxes simultaneously delivered as a PDF file attachment to your email.

    Voxline Networks


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