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Open Source Project. Free reports designer. Free reporting engine. Free reporting server.

“Adding NextReports Engine to our JavaVite Data Maintenance Engine means our customers can quickly develop and deploy reports and charts. These can then be filtered at runtime to have only the required content. Allowing end users to export filtered data in XLS format cuts down on ad hoc requests to the support team.” Simon Stillwell –

“[. ] NextReports is an intuitive and easy-to-use reporting tool. As to our collaboration, we were very pleased with their quick response and professional assistance since we’ve received their full support whenever we needed it. We definitely recommend them as business partners!” Marius Ghios, Project Manager- Senior at Vodafone Romania SA.

“NextReports is a full featured reporting tool that competes with any suite on the market. Easy to develop and deploy, it allows us to quickly access key information, and make rapid decisions in a highly competitive market. They also stand behind their product with superior support!” Jeffrey T. Case, Project Manager at SERCO, Inc.

“Generally very solid product. I have opened support/feature tickets with good responses each time. The simplicity of Next-Reports together with the powerful scheduling and distribution is what made me use it.” Garry Hyman, Managing Consultant – C100 Consulting Services

Every business nowadays needs a way to generate a lot of reports. There are various reporting tools that try to fill this gap, but they are becoming more and more cluttered and difficult for usual reporting tasks. Trying to create an application for report generation which is also simple to learn as it is to use was the first thing taken into account when our reporting software suite began its journey.

Taking fast and informed decisions is becoming critical in the current business climate. Our Reporting Server can help IT Managers build the reporting infrastructure in a short time at no cost at all. Users will love NextReports Server for it’s ease of use and as an IT Manager, you’ll appreciate the free Apache license, platform independence and a product easy to install and maintain.

Reports Designer is free to use. Design or create your own SQL, create reports from stored procedures, export data to various formats are just the top of the iceberg. Developers, Value Added Resellers, ISVs can embed our Reporting Engine into their applications free of charge. The Reporting Server is also available under an Apache Open Source license to complement existing products that need an integrated reporting server.