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Free Tour of Our Business Credit Reporting Software

Creditsafe’s robust credit check tool is a powerful reporting suite that allows you to easily monitor the companies to which you extend credit, as well as your own company credit profile. With instant data and no installation involved, it couldn’t be easier.

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Everything you need to know about a company

In this demo, you’ll see how to view such critical business data as:

  • A company’s credit rating
  • Suggested credit limit
  • Payment history and recent trends
  • Wider corporate structure and any links to other companies and industries

Full functionality includes additional information like news stories with adverse risk terms. Customers can run an unlimited number of business credit reports.

Easily monitor your customers’ financial progress

As an additional benefit, our business credit reporting software can watch a company for you and provide updates on any changes to their credit information. You can also quickly truncate or expand the reports to display only the data that matters most to you.

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