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Jul 29 2017

Building Permits (Service Center) #plumbing #services #austin


The Service Center (formerly the Permit Center) issues building and applicable trade (building, plumbing, electrical, mechanical, irrigation) permits, provides permit payment services, and registers licensed contractors (electrical, mechanical, plumbing, and irrigation) to perform work. Contractors must be licensed by the Texas Department of Licensing and Regulation before registering with the City of Austin. View contractor registration requirements and payment services.

When is a Permit Required?

A building permit is required to erect, construct, enlarge, alter, repair, improve, remove, convert, move or demolish any building or structure within in the City’s zoning jurisdiction or in certain Municipal Utility Districts (Section 25-12-243 of the City Code). To learn whether your project requires a permit, call us at 512-978-4000. A trade permit (electrical, mechanical, plumbing, irrigation) may also be required depending on the scope of work.

What happens after the permitted work has been completed?

Depending on the type of work that is permitted, an inspection is required. Click here to learn more about the type of inspections required. Once the permitted work is completed, a final inspection must be scheduled and completed. Upon completion, a Certificate of Occupancy (CO) or Certificate of Compliance (CC) will be issued.

Permits remain active for 180 days, but will expire on the 181st day if the project has not received an inspection, or after the date of the last inspection that shows progress towards completion of the project. An expired permit must be resolved before a new building permit can be issued. To check whether an expired permit exists on your property, call 512-978-4000. You can resolve expired permits by following the expired permit process .

Can the homeowner perform the work?

A person who is not licensed to perform electrical, mechanical plumbing work may perform work within a residence and on property owned by the person if eligibility requirements are met. This type of permit is a Homestead Permit. Click here to view Homestead Permit eligibility requirements.

Other Permit Related Information

To appeal the issuance of a building permit, please contact the Building Official for more information.

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