Brooklyn Friends School

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Educating Minds &
Hearts Since 1867

Who We Are

Brooklyn Friends is an independent, college preparatory Quaker school where the majority of the faculty holds advanced degrees, and the Upper School offers the academically challenging and highly esteemed International Baccalaureate Diploma Program. Our school is proud of its active, supportive parent body, our enthusiastic teachers and dedicated staff, and our thoughtful and articulate students. Together, we form a community reflective of a unique combination of intellect, energy, and heart.

Our Core Values

Academic and Personal Excellence

Those who aspire to integrity, embrace challenges, and internalize the goal of being the best they can be, enable the full development of their minds, character, and spirit. They build a strong foundation not only for success in school, but for a rich and rewarding life as well.


A community bound and dedicated to the School s mission provides an environment of mutual care and teaches its members how to work together in the common pursuit of learning.


A multicultural school community creates an enriched learning environment through the exploration, understanding, and appreciation of differences. It prepares students for living in an increasingly diverse and global society.


The dignity of all and a sense of inclusion are fostered by active listening to and active engagement with others. Respect is most powerful when it characterizes the relationships and interactions between and among all segments of the school community: parents, students, teachers, staff, and alumni/ae.


Developing the practice of serving others benefits oneself, the school community, and the world beyond. Graduates with a lifetime commitment to making the world a better place fulfill a major aspect of the school s mission.


Quaker Meeting and other dedicated periods of silence provide precious opportunities to be in more direct contact with the light within and among each of us. These are times to reflect on one s values and aspirations, community concerns, and matters of deeper import that often are submerged in the noise of everyday life.