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Over 36 Years
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handling tax
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Levins Tax Law, LLC, In Boston

Tax Resolutions From An Experienced Tax Attorney

We offer a Massachusetts IRS tax lawyer with over 35 years of experience who handles tax controversies and tax disputes throughout the United States.

Do you live in fear of the IRS? Do you have unfiled tax returns? Do you owe back taxes? Does your business owe payroll taxes? Do you have unreported offshore accounts?

Attorney Gerard J. Levins of Levins Tax Law, LLC. brings unmatched experience and qualifications to the resolutions of your tax problems. Attorney Levins:

  • Is a Certified Tax Resolution Specialist*
  • Is a former practicing CPA, a former IRS agent and a former Big 4 tax partner
  • Has a master’s degree in taxation
  • Has over 35 years of experience in resolving IRS tax controversies and tax disputes

Few tax lawyers in Massachusetts can match attorney Levins’ experience and expertise in resolving tax controversies and tax disputes. As a former IRS agent, attorney Levins audited individual and business tax returns, developed cases for criminal referrals and prepared cases for tax court litigation. Attorney Levins is especially adept at handling tax controversies concerning offshore filings .

Following his years with the IRS, attorney Levins worked with a Big 4 professional services firm as a tax partner. He now works as a tax defense attorney representing individuals and businesses (including partnerships, limited liability companies, S-corporations, C-corporations, trusts, estates, and foundations).

Levins Tax Law, LLC — A One-Stop Tax Problem Resolution Service

Levins Tax Law, LLC, concentrates on resolving tax controversies and tax disputes. As described in our tax controversy overview web page, our practice includes tax collection cases, tax audits, tax appeals, penalty and interest abatements, tax litigation, tax bankruptcy issues, tax amnesty and complicated tax issues affecting individuals and businesses. For more information and to schedule a free confidential consultation regarding your IRS tax controversy or tax dispute, please contact our firm.

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Levins Tax Law, LLC, provides a no-obligation, confidential consultation, is available for evening and weekend appointments, accepts American Express, Visa and MasterCard, and is conveniently located in Framingham, minutes from the Massachusetts Turnpike. To schedule a free confidential consultation with a Boston and MetroWest Massachusetts IRS tax lawyer, call 508-435-0118 or email the firm .

* Tax Attorney Levins is certified as a Certified Tax Resolution Specialist by the Board of Regents of the American Society of Tax Problem Solvers (ASTPS). ASTPS is a private professional nonprofit association whose certification standards are not regulated by the Commonwealth of Massachusetts.

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