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The Santorini to Athens schedule is available at the bottom of the article.

Beaugrenelle ‘s unique architecture, wide variety of brands, premium services, digital customer experience, make it tomorrow’s most exceptional department store.

Beaugrenelle, located in the XV district of Paris, is a lovely mix between the best features of a shopping center and the spirit of a department store.

Its original architecture, which was [. ]

By: aseper

When a neighborhood in a city gets restored, it brings a new energy and freshness to that neighborhood.

Restoring a neighborhood in one of the most famous cities in the world, Paris, brings yet another highlight to an already amazing city.

Beaugrenelle is a district in Paris located on the Front-de-Seine.

If you’re heading to Paris in the next couple months, you may want to set some time aside to visit Beaugrenelle, a recently renovated area perfect for those who love shopping.

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