— Boat Plans — Yacht Designs — Welcome to our website! In these pages you will find sailboat, powerboat, trawler and yacht designs that are: Easy-Economical-Proven-Pretty-Fun. Each design includes:

  • A keep it simple philosophy makes boats easy to build and use.
  • Efficient hulls and propulsion systems are easy on the wallet and the environment.
  • Over 30 years of engineering and construction experience with proven results.
  • Flowing lines with stand out looks noticed in every harbor.

The bottom line is more fun through the building process and fun on the water. If you are ready to enjoy messing about in boats and the cruising lifestyle, take a look and give one a try.

We enjoy helping builders and are committed to making your next project a success with options that include:

  • How-to-build booklet with recommended reading,
  • Full size frame lofting to save you time,
  • CNC Hull Kits and CAD parts to get you started,
  • Free e-mail tech support while you build your boat,
  • And much more�.

In addition to stock plans, we will be happy to develop a custom design only you can imagine. Whether your choice is a stock plan or custom design you will find a guaranteed experience of a lifetime. So start right here, right now!

Here are a few examples of what others have to say:
“Enclosed are several pictures of the Redwing 21. I loved building the boat and I keep getting plenty of compliments ashore and afloat. Thanks again for a great design. My wife is afraid that I may start another one.”
R.V. Selbyville, DE

“A friend loaned me the study plans for your Catbird. She seems as close to the perfect sharpie as I’ve seen; and I’ve been looking for a long time. Atkin, Colvin, Chapelle, Brewer, and of course Bolger (built 4 of his). The sharp entry, good flare and strong sheer look just right to my eye. Saw Redwing in O’Brien’s B.D.Q, right on the mark too.”
R.S. Brooklyn, NY

“Consider this letter as “Fan Mail”. Mostly because, as I approached retirement I had come to believe that the day of the simple plywood boat had passed, then along comes Karl!”
D.T. Westbank, BC, Canada

“Thanks for your help. Let me add that you have perhaps the most appealing group of boat designs that I’ve seen – traditional without being stodgy, simple without being dull.”
D.G. Cottage Grove, OR

“Rec’d study plans (Little Island Trader) yesterday and am very pleased. a very pretty little ship and a clever utilization of all space available. AND an engine room worthy of the name. That box keel will be massively strong and lends itself perfectly to supporting the fuel power and water you suggest.”
J.B Vancouver, Canada

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